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Airwave Video Meeting Review – Better Than Skype?


*** THE ORIGINAL POST CONTAINS UPDATES THAT ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST *** Skype is great.  Except when it’s not.  Like when you’re late for a Skype call but have to wait for it to install updates.  Or when you’re distracted by ads and notification messages.  Or when the call drops out but you don’t realize it until after you’ve been talking to no one for...

5 Cool Tools For Online Business Owners


Here’s The Stuff That I Talked About In The Video Animated GIFS – Useful when you want to demonstrate something, but don’t want to make a video.  Plus, animated GIF’s can be displayed anywhere, including within emails.  Click here for LICEcap. WordPress Plugin for Stripe – Many people (including myself) use Stripe these days to take credit card payments online.  But...

What’s The Best Way To Capture Email Addresses?


The money is in the list.  That’s what all successful Internet marketers will tell you.  And what they are referring to is your mailing list; the email addresses you capture from visitors to your website. But what’s the best way to capture these email addresses?  Is one way superior to another…or are they all generally the same?  To find these answers I ran a simple test.  It...

Avid Sells Pinnacle Products and Avid Studio To Corel


A little over a year ago I did a review of new video editing software offered by Avid, called Avid Studio (here’s a link to the video review). It was software that I instantly liked.  It was powerful.  It was intuitive to use.  And for the price, it was hard to beat. But like all software it had some warts too.  It was sometimes sluggish, sometimes froze and didn’t support all of the...

YouTube Live Now Offers Pay-Per-View Option


About a year ago YouTube introduced their live streaming service, designed to compete with the likes of UStream and JustinTV. They coined it YouTube Live (click here for the site). YouTube Live, which is available only to select YouTube partners, announced this week that they are upping the ante by offering a pay-per-view option to live streaming producers. In a nutshell, producers can charge set...

New Canon Vixia Video Cameras Connect Wirelessly To iPad’s


Canon is set to release four new Vixia cameras that not only feature image processors which perform 20% better in low light, but feature built in WI-FI too. With the built-in WI-FI you’ll be able to send videos wirelessly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and virtually any computer.  You can also connect wirelessly to all iOS devices, like the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad (you’ll need to...

New Canon 5D Mark III To Be Released Next Month


When it was first released, the Canon 5D Mark II quickly became a legend of sorts.  Not only did it instantly become the go-to camera for professional photographers, but it was the first DSLR camera to shoot HD video.  And it’s video capabilities have largely changed the video world.  But now it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. The new being the Canon 5D Mark III.  The...

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Worth $600 a Year? Maybe


Change is always painful for people.  Even in the world of software.  Apple fired the first shot last year by eliminating boxes…their software became available only by download.  And now Adobe is continuing upon this inevitable path and some people aren’t happy. Specifically, Adobe is getting ready to offer Creative Cloud.  What is it?  For $600 a year (or $50 a month) you can...

Rode VideoMic HD – A High Quality Video Microphone and Digital Recorder In One


Rode recently announced a new video microphone that will soon be available.  It’s called the VideoMic HD and it does something no other microphone has ever done. It functions not only as a high-quality boom microphone that plugs into your camera (for recording audio directly to your camera).  But it also serves as a high-end digital recorder that simultaneously records your audio to a...

Magic Lantern Brings HDR Video To Select Canon DSLR Cameras


In the world of still photography, HDR or high dynamic range photos are all the rage.  With HDR, the same picture is taken multiple times at different exposures…then everything is combined into a singe image.  The resulting photograph is often breathtaking due to the melding contrasts of light and dark.  Click here to see examples of HDR images. Magic Lantern, a custom firmware add-in for...

Looking For No Cost Professional Video Hosting? PlayWire Special Offer About To Expire


When it comes to hosting videos, some people go the YouTube route.  Other’s prefer or need a more professional solution, so they self-host their videos or pay to use an online video platform. There is a third option however.  One where your videos can be hosted at no cost, yet you get the professional features of a commercial online video platform.  It’s called Playwire and I...

Gift Cards Gone Mobile


Back in the old days when it came to gift giving, if you didn’t know what to give someone (or didn’t care what you gave them in the first place), cash was the gift of choice.  These days gift cards are the gift of choice. And gift cards are big business.  It’s estimated that the average person has $300 worth of unused gift cards stuffed in their purse, wallet, junk drawer or...

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