Video Tutorial: How To Create a Photo Slideshow In Sony Vegas


When most people are starting out with video editing software, just learning the in’s and out’s, they aren’t comfortable working with live video footage.

And a great way to ease the learning curve with video editing software, is to first work with still images (photos). You can actually create very powerful videos using nothing but still images.

In the tutorial below, I show you how you can quickly and easily put together a nice, simple photo slideshow using Sony Vegas. A slideshow that…even if you have zero experience…you can create in under 10 minutes.

Just click on the image below to watch the tutorial now (if you’re a Firefox user, you’ll need to be using Firefox 3.0 or above to watch this video):


  • Hare Krishna Dave,

    I am from India and I bought a Canon Vixia HFS10. I am using it and am following your suggestions. Thank you soo much for your wonderful tutorials. I am learning a lot from you. Thank you soo much. I am really grateful to you for sharing your knowledge.

    Your ever well wisher,

  • Hare Krishna Dave
    i”m from iran and i”m photographer and i reali need to learn this stuff, after search on youtube and other website ,i couldn”t learn anything, after google it ,i find your tutorial and i”m glad to learn it with your video, please if you can keep continue, thanks a lot manuel