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Yesterday in the United States a new president was elected.  It was a landslide victory.  Record voter turnout.   History was made.

Mentioned, but largely glossed over by the media, was how effective Barack Obama was in using the Internet during the election, particularly new media.

In two years, he went from an afterthought to a front-runner…raising more money than anyone in history.  His videos on YouTube had over 10 million views.  His Facebook account has over 2 million friends.  On election day, he sent text messages to voters, reminding them to vote.  And after he was declared the winner, he emailed millions of his supporters, thanking them.

In other words, he used new media to get his message out and stay in contact with people.  While I’m not suggesting that he won the election because of the Internet (he didn’t), it did play a part.  So much so, that this new media approach is guaranteed to become a player in all future elections.

The big lesson here is actually an analogy though; you see, both candidates had equal access to the Internet and new media.  One exploited it…and one didn’t.

All of us have access to the same technology for our businesses; some of us exploit it…and many of us don’t.  In fact, in a recent poll I did asking why people aren’t using web video, 43% responded that they don’t have time.  I take that as “I don’t have a compelling enough reason to make time”.  Hopefully the election results and the statistics I stated above make the reason to use new media (including web video) a little more compelling to us all.

Now onto a new, free resource for those of us who do use web video.

Stock video clips.  I’ve done a previous post on where you can find stock video clips.  But there is now a new site that is giving away stock video clips…for free.

All you have to do is register for the site and you get immediate access to stock clips that you can instantly download.  No gimmicks, no strings attached.

Now the quality and selection of these clips is not “top shelf”.  However, again, they are free and you’ll probably find some clips you can use in your videos.

The site is called StockFootageForFree and you can check it out here stockfootageforfree.com.



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