Video Tutorial: How To Use New Gmail Video Chat Feature


Recently Google announced a new feature to their popular Gmail service; free voice and video chat.

With this feature, Gmail users can now do real-time, one-on-one video chats with other Gmail users. It’s all 100% browser based…you do it all through your Gmail account. You just select one of your contacts, invite them to video chat, they’ll be notified…and just like that, the two of you can video chat live.

What’s more, because Gmail video chat is browser based, it works on both Windows and Macs.

I’ve put together a short video tutorial showing you how to get video chat setup in your Gmail account…and…how to use it. In fact, in this tutorial, you’ll see me video chatting with myself; using one Gmail account on my Mac and another on my Windows machine.

Just click on the image below to watch the tutorial now (if you’re a Firefox user, you’ll need to be using Firefox 3.0 or above to watch this video):