Video Tutorial: Creating TV-Style Photo Effects In Sony Vegas


Adding motion to still photos (the Ken Burns effect) is nothing new.  In fact, it’s so common these days that web sites have popped up whose sole purpose is to allow you to create animated photo slideshows.

However, a new technique that is starting to be done more and more in the world of television, is to take a still photo and isolate just a portion of that photo…while still adding motion.

For example, taking a photo of monkeys that starts like this:

But ends like this:

I’ve put together a video tutorial showing you how to do this in Sony Vegas.  It’s actually far easier than you may think.  And it’s a great way to add dramatic and very unique effects to your videos.

Click on the image below to watch the tutorial now (if you’re a Firefox user, you’ll need to be using Firefox 3.0 or above to watch this video):


  • Great lesson.
    Dave – when they say content is king – now I understand what they mean. I’m keep returning here to see new lessons.

  • Dave:

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial. Your free stuff always amazes me with the quality of info shared.


  • I have loved this tutorial – I however have sony vegas platinum edition which doesn’t have the mask option in the crop and pan section. I have just download the free trial of the new HD platimun 10.0 and it doesn’t have this option either. Am I missing something or is there another way? Please help as I really love this effect you have shown.

  • Are you planning to process all your older videos through so they will all work for iPad users? no flash means no go for a membership.

  • Got a reply to my continued request/question about the typeof camera you would recommend…it was ” join and you’ll find out.” HUH???

    As for all current video supposedly working on an IPad2 … It doesn’t. at least not the ones I’ve tried.

    With your marketing being so glitzy and professional I am surprised at this.

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