How Many Web Videos Were Viewed In October 2009…And…By How Many People?


ComScore has released the latest statistics on web video viewership for October 2009.  As you might expect, the report reveals that web video continues to grow.  But there are some interesting tidbits included with the numbers.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

  • Google served 38% of all videos American’s watched online
  • Hulu was second, serving 3.1%
  • And Microsoft was third at 1.6%
  • 167 million Americans watched 28 billion web videos
  • That’s 84.4% of all web-using Americans watching web video
  • The average viewer watched 10.8 hours of web video in October
  • To give you some perspective on that 10.8 hours number, that average online video was only 3.9 minutes long

And you’re not using web video in your business because of why?


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