81% of Viewers Bolt When Videos Buffer


A new study by TubeMogul reports that 81% of viewers will leave a web page when a video buffers.

TubeMogul conducted the study by sampling 192 video streams from the biggest CDN’s (CDN stands for content delivery network…which are used to deliver much of the video you see on the web).  Of the CDN’s they tested, Limelight performed best, followed by Panther Networks, Akamai, Edgecast and BitGravity.

While the 81% is eye-opening, on a happier note, only 7% of the videos they tested actually buffered to begin with.

I would take these numbers with a grain of salt though as YouTube remains the king of video…yet their videos are notorious for buffering problems.

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  • Does that mean buffering in the beginning or buffering at all? And only 7% even had that issue? Sounds bogus.

    People are trained to watch videos. They know buffering is the price for “instant access” to anything in the universe (youtube.)

    Thanks Dave!

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