Mobile Device Users Watch Web Video Up To 2.5 Times Longer Than Desktop Users


According to new data from MeFeedia, mobile device users have a much longer attention span when it comes to watching web videos.  125,000 mobile visitors have been analyzed on MeFeedia since July 1st.  Here’s a breakdown of web video attention spans per mobile device:

  • iPad users stick with a web video for 5 minutes
  • Symbian users stick with a web video for 4.1 minutes
  • Android users stick with a web video for 3 minutes
  • iPhone users stick with a web video for 2.4 minutes

By comparison, a report in March from Tubemogul revealed that desktop users watch web video for an average of less than 2 minutes…a statistic that has basically been unchanged for several years.

Why do mobile users watch web video longer? No one can say for sure, but the belief is that mobile devices are slower and don’t have the easy multi-tasking features of desktops.  Or in other words, mobile users have to work harder to watch a video, so once they’ve got one, they stick with it.  And you better believe that advertisers will take note of this.