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While YouTube is the 800 pound Gorilla of no-cost video hosting, there are some people who don’t want the entire world watching the videos they upload.  If that’s you, there’s a new site called VideoBam that might be what you’re looking for.

VideoBam allows anyone to upload as many videos as they want (with a maximum upload size of 500MB).  They then convert your videos, host your videos and give you links and embed code to your videos (in HTML5 compatible video players no less)…for free.  And all videos are private; no one can see them unless you give someone a link or embed them on your web site.

So what’s the catch?  Well, there doesn’t appear to be any.  Except for the fact that VideoBam lists no contact information on their site.  Which means you probably don’t want to use the site for videos you really need, as for all you know the site could be gone tomorrow.

But if you’re looking for a fast, simple and free way to share videos…privately…with someone else, it’s definitely worth a look.  Click here to go to VideoBam.


  • Mmmm…definitely not for important videos.

    Q: How long are videos stored?
    A: Videos are stored indefinitely as long as they are viewed once every 30 days. The dormancy period may change at anytime.

    Q: How many videos can I upload?
    A: Unlimited videos. However, unwatched, mis-categorized or illegal videos may be removed at our discretion at anytime.

    Here’s their only contact details;

  • Interesting site. They must have an agenda. I think it is important to learn what it is before uploading video there.
    There site is registered to
    by Whois:
    Flixya Entertainment, LLC
    330 Townsend Street
    Suite 115
    San Francisco, California 94107

  • Can I ask how you embed the videos onto a website.
    I have tried using the embed code provided, but the page always comes up blank.

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