How Much Does An Ad Cost On YouTube’s Homepage? Try $375,000


If you’ve ever wondered how much the ads cost which appear on the top third of YouTube’s homepage, apparently it’s around $375,000…a day.  YouTube’s homepage generates an estimated 45 million views a day, of which around 18 million of those visitors are from the U.S.

And apparently, these ads on YouTube can generate a better ROI than television ads.  For example, Kraft Foods ran a YouTube ad for Philly Cream  Cheese featuring a video of Paula Deen.  The ad was seen by 51 million people, with 10 million watching the entire video and 100,000 people clicking through to their site.  In the end, it increased their revenue by 5%, something they had never seen before.

Actually, this is just a blurb from a lengthy article FastCompany recently published about YouTube, videos and advertising.  You can read the full article on FastCompany’s site here.

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  • I want to place my own ads within the content that we are producing. I can’t seem to find a standard rate that business are charging for ad placement on line. I assume it would be on a per viewed rate. I don’t want to use Adsense through You Tube because the returns are very low.

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