New Study Says 25% of Viewers Bolt When Seeing Video Ads


A new study by video analytics firm TubeMogul reports that 1 out of every 6 viewers won’t even bother to watch a video if it’s preceded by a video ad.  The numbers get even worse for newspaper and magazine web sites, where 1 in every 4 viewers will click away from a video, if a video ad appears first. TubeMogul performed the study by examining 1.8 million video streams over a 48-hour...

81% of Viewers Bolt When Videos Buffer


A new study by TubeMogul reports that 81% of viewers will leave a web page when a video buffers. TubeMogul conducted the study by sampling 192 video streams from the biggest CDN’s (CDN stands for content delivery network…which are used to deliver much of the video you see on the web).  Of the CDN’s they tested, Limelight performed best, followed by Panther Networks, Akamai...

TubeMogul Now Hooking Up Video Content Producers with Advertisers


Tubemogul is the leading free service on the Internet for video distribution.  You upload your video once to Tubemogal…and they distribute it to all the major video sharing sites for you.  It’s a huge time-saver. A few weeks ago, Tubemogul quietly introduced a service where they list the top video content producers…and where potential advertisers can then contact these producers...

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