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Why The First 10 Seconds Of Your Video Matter Most


The latest study from Visible Measures reports that about 20% of viewers click away to something else within the first 10 seconds of a web video.  Those numbers are disproportionate to other drop-off times, for example the one-minute mark, where about 45% of viewers have left.  The report illustrates just how important the first 10 seconds of a video are if you want to keep viewers watching.  So...

Mobile Device Users Watch Web Video Up To 2.5 Times Longer Than Desktop Users


According to new data from MeFeedia, mobile device users have a much longer attention span when it comes to watching web videos.  125,000 mobile visitors have been analyzed on MeFeedia since July 1st.  Here’s a breakdown of web video attention spans per mobile device: iPad users stick with a web video for 5 minutes Symbian users stick with a web video for 4.1 minutes Android users stick...

Vimeo Adds Advanced Web Video Statistics For Paying Users


For all of the popularity of web video, web video statistics are still somewhat in their infancy.  Statistics for web video must be tracked by the player a video appears in, so it’s up to the company or individual who owns a particular video player to develop their own stats package to be used with it.  Well, that’s not entirely true…there are 3rd party statistical services that...

81% of Viewers Bolt When Videos Buffer


A new study by TubeMogul reports that 81% of viewers will leave a web page when a video buffers. TubeMogul conducted the study by sampling 192 video streams from the biggest CDN’s (CDN stands for content delivery network…which are used to deliver much of the video you see on the web).  Of the CDN’s they tested, Limelight performed best, followed by Panther Networks, Akamai...

Mobile Internet Usage To Double In Next 4 Years


Here’s more proof that digital media is moving away from traditional physical devices (desktop computers, DVD’s, CD’s, etc.) and onto the web. First up Apple recently bought a company called Lala for a reported $85 million.  Why?  Apple allegedly wants to use their technology to bring iTunes into the cloud.  That means instead of using iTunes to download music and video to your...

How Many Web Videos Were Viewed In October 2009…And…By How Many People?


ComScore has released the latest statistics on web video viewership for October 2009.  As you might expect, the report reveals that web video continues to grow.  But there are some interesting tidbits included with the numbers. Here’s a breakdown of the stats: Google served 38% of all videos American’s watched online Hulu was second, serving 3.1% And Microsoft was third at 1.6% 167...

How MTV Increased Their Web Video Viewership By 88%


In a lesson for anyone doing video online, MTV reports they nearly doubled the viewership of their MTV news videos between 2008 and 2009. How did they do it? They made their videos shorter.  For example, instead of offering long video interviews with celebrities or musicians, they chopped those interviews into multiple, bite-sized segments.  And viewership skyrocketed. Why? Because people prefer...

Web Video Predicted To Drive 60% of Internet Traffic In 4 Years


Cisco Systems just published a new white paper analysis…and in it they predict that web traffic will quintuple by 2013…driven largely by video. Right now, web video makes up about one-third of Internet traffic.  But within four years, that number is expected to swell to 60%. And once you figure in ALL the ways video is consumed…on the television, video on demand, peer-to-peer...

The Next Frontier For Web Video? Your Television


According to a new report by In-Stat, by 2013 web video will not only become common place on our TV sets, but it will be a 3 billion dollar a year business. Already, 40% of “younger” households are watching web video on their TV’s.  And it’s predicted that once the process becomes simpler and more convenient, the rest of the population will follow suit.  That’s an...

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