WVU #39 – Review Canon Vixia HF S10 Part 2

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In my previous video (WVU #38) I did a review on the new Canon Vixia HF S10.  There were some people who had trouble watching the video, some who had questions about the color of the video, some who wanted to know if it worked with Macs and more.

So I’ve put together a 2nd video on the Vixia HF S10, where I shot all new footage, answered viewer’s questions and produced the video in both high and low formats so everyone can watch without any problems.

This video contains raw footage from the Vixia HF S10.  I did not use a filter on the camera lens.  I did not apply any effects or filters whatsoever during editing.  The footage was taken straight from the camera, pieced together and put on the web.  Again, this is raw, untouched footage.

The screen capture portions of the video were recorded in Camtasia and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 8.  The entire video was edited in Final Cut Pro.  Yes, this video was produced using both Windows and Macs.

If you are unable to watch the high-quality version of this video for any reason, simply click on the “HD Is On” button appearing in the top right hand corner of the video player.  This will play the video in a low-quality format than anyone should be able to watch.

If you still have issues watching this video, click here to see solutions to the most common problems.

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