WVU #45 – Instantly Change The Look of Your Videos with Magic Bullet Quick Looks

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Most people put their videos online without any form of color correction.  Which is why most videos all look the same.  But with just a little time spent on color correction, you can really make your videos pop.

And one tool that makes this ridiculously easy is Magic Bullet Quick Looks from Red Giant Software.  It contains 100 already-done, Hollywood-level presets…all you have to do is select a “look” for your video clip and boom…you will have instantly changed the look of your video, so it looks similar to popular TV shows or movies you’ve seen.

Quick Looks works on major video editing platforms like Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Avid and Adobe Premiere.  It costs just $99 (at the time of this post) and you can get a free 15-day trial version by clicking here.

If you want to step up from Quick Looks to the full blown Magic Bullet Looks package, it’s available by clicking here.

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