How To Make Videos On An iPad

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Among their many uses, iPad’s can be used to shoot, edit and publish videos online. But to do it, there are a few important things you need to know. I share them in this video, which was created entirely on an iPad.

Most of the clips you see in the video were shot with an iPhone 4. Everything was edited on an iPad 2 using iMovie. You’ll notice the audio is so-so for the on-camera shots. That’s because I was standing about 8 feet from the iPhone. You’ll notice the audio is much clearer for the shots where I demonstrate how to use iMovie. That’s because I was standing right next to the iPhone (which was being used to record what I was doing on the iPad).

It’s a good illustration of how audio quality can change given your distance from a microphone. It’s also a good illustration of how poor audio can sound when using a camera’s built-in microphone, which I used for this video.

You can use lavalier (and other) mics with an iPhone or iPad to get much better sounding audio. You just need a special adapter and a mic. Rather than get into the details here (which would be an entirely separate video), you can check out Jeff Geerling’s post which will tell you what you need to know.  Or if you’re looking for a studio-quality mic for recording audio on an iPad, the Samson Meteor is a strong choice.

And finally, iMovie for the iPad is not an advanced editing tool.  It will however allow you to perform basic video editing tasks, like cutting out the pieces of video you don’t want, piecing everything together, adding photos, transitions, background music and voice-over recordings.

iMovie for the iPad

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