Video Review of PlayWire

Learn How To Make Videos That Make Money


If you want a more professional solution for hosting your videos than video sharing sites provide, you basically have two options.  You can do everything yourself or you can pay a video hosting platform to do everything for you.

The do-it-yourself method is by far the least expensive solution, but you need to know how to perform a number of fairly technical things.  Like how to encode videos, how to use video players and embed code, how to mange your videos and how to track video statistics.

With video hosting platforms, they do all of this for you.  All you have to do  is click a couple buttons.  But the downside is cost.  Most video hosting platforms charge anywhere from $50 to $500 a month, each and every month.  Plus you can incur additional costs depending upon how much storage and bandwidth you use.  And of course if you stop paying, your videos disappear.

But last month a new video hosting platform emerged called Playwire.  While the service is geared towards the video gaming community, it can be used by anyone.  Like other video hosting platforms, they make the process of getting your videos online and making sure they’re playable on all devices…simple.

But where Playwire differs is they also make it more affordable to people.  Instead of set monthly prices, everything is pay-only-for-what-you-use and pay-as-you-go.  In this video, I review Playwire and show you what they have to offer.



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