WPSubscribers Video Review – The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Popup Plugins

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Recently a new plugin for WordPress was released that allows you to easily create popups and opt-in forms for your site.  Nothing new there, there are lots of plugins that allow you to do that.  But this one is different, very different.  Here’s why.

First, it allows you to create a variety of popups.  From lightbox popups, to exit popups, to footer popups, to header popups, to in-post subscriptions, to widget subscriptions, to custom popups and more.

Second, it allows you to display multiple popups on a single page.  For example, you can have a header popup, lightbox popup, in-post subscription form and sidebar subscription form all on the same page.

And third, the plugin tracks all of your popup activity, allowing you to split test various popups head-to-head.  That means you don’t have to ask people “hey, which style of popup should I use for my site?”.  Or trust the claims of unsavory Internet marketers.  You can place a variety of different popup styles on your site and see for yourself which produces the best results.  No more debating.  Find out what works best yourself.

On the downside, this plugin isn’t necessarily intuitive to start using (i.e. it’s a little confusing).  And it’s not free.

Below is a link where you can learn more and purchase this plugin.  And yes, that’s my affiliate link.  But here’s the rub.  If you decide to purchase this plugin through my affiliate link, I’m throwing in a little bonus.  It’s a quick start video I created that shows you how to setup and start using the plugin, while hopefully getting you past the aforementioned  learning curve.

Just send me your receipt number using this form and I’ll send you a link to the bonus video.  Fair/simple enough?


Click Here To Learn More About or Purchase The WPSubscribers Plugin



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