How To Create Cartoon Videos With CrazyTalk Animator

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Cartoons can be a very effective and unique approach to web video, particularly for people who are camera shy. But how do you create a cartoon video if you can’t even draw?

You could go the “web route” with sites like Xtranormal or GoAnimate.  But if you want total control over your video creation (and don’t want your cartoon videos to look like everyone else’s) a tool at the top of your list should be CrazyTalk Animator.

CrazyTalk is a desktop application (for Windows only) that allows you to quickly create cartoon videos without any experience required…while also giving more seasoned artists the ability to fine-tune a huge array of options.  And on top of that, you can take photos from your camera or any images on your computer and turn those into cartoon objects as well.

Once you’ve got your cartoon ready, CrazyTalk allows you to export it as an AVI or WMV file for use in a video editing app…or…you can export it directly for the web.

Something extra to note.  Creating great looking cartoons in CrazyTalk Animator is dead-simple.  But if you poke around their web site you’ll see some amazing demo videos.  Don’t expect to create videos like these with just a few clicks…it takes practice and experience before you can achieve results like those.  Got it?  OK.

Here’s a link where you can learn more about CrazyTalk Animator and even download a free trial copy if you’d like.

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