How To Stop Your Computer Screen From Killing Your Eyeballs With Antec Halo Bias Lighting

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We all spend too much time staring at our computer screens, especially for extended periods while editing video. Tired eyes, red eyes, burning eyes, headaches; sound familar?  There’s actually a lighting technique that can help reduce or even prevent these things.

It’s called bias lighting.  Some high-end TV makers even incorporate it into their HDTV’s.

Bias lighting is basically a light placed behind your computer monitor, which acts as a backlight reflecting off the wall.  Done properly, it helps to increase your perception of contrast while also reducing eye fatigue.  That means you can see things better and your eyes don’t get as tired.

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to achieve bias lighting is through a kit from Antec called Soundscience Halo Bias Lighting.  It’s a strip of LED lights that get attached to the back of your computer monitor.  And then it plugs into your computer via a USB cable.  Just like that you have instant bias lighting.

The Halo Bias Lighting kit works on monitors up to 24 inches in size and it’s best used with your monitor close to a light colored wall (while your room/office is fairly dim).  For the price, it’s tough to beat.  The Antec Halo only costs $13 and can be found in most office supply stores.

Or you can get it here.

If you’re thinking, “gee, why can’t I just stick a lamp with one of those twisty CFL bulbs behind my computer screen and use that instead?”, well you can.  But you’re going to need to make sure you have room behind your monitor for that.  And CFL bulbs do get a little hot (LED’s don’t).  You’re going to have to reach behind your computer screen to turn it on and off.  And you’ll want to make sure the bulb you use has a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, which is ideal for bias lighting.

In other words, the Antec Halo just makes things a lot simpler for you.  And it’s inexpensive to boot.

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