How To Get Crystal-Clear Video On The Web

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Many people think that the video camera you use will determine your video’s final quality on the web.  Actually, as I proved in this previous video, the camera you use doesn’t impact video quality as much as you might think.

Instead, the biggest “secret” in getting great looking, crystal-clear video on the web is how you prepare the video for the web.  In other words, it’s the recipe you use in your web video preparation.

There are lots of options out there for preparing videos for the web…ranging from Handbrake on the free side to Sorenson Squeeze on the expensive side.  And the quality these products produce can vary as much as their prices.

Like many people, I was frustrated with the options out there.  So a while ago I created my own recipe or system, so to speak.  It’s dead-simple to use, produces great video quality…and…makes it a snap to add videos to your website to boot.

The best part? I’ll be making it available to everyone soon.  Full details are on the way…so stay tuned.

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