Jumio Netswipe Review – How To Accept Credit Cards With a Webcam

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We’re all familiar with placing orders online. You manually submit your payment information into a form or sometimes several. But a new service called Netswipe from a company called Jumio plans to change all of that.

With Netswipe, customers can pay for things online using their webcam. Specifically, they just hold the credit card up to their webcam, enter their credit card security code and they’re done…the order has been placed.

It’s free to sign-up and begin using Netswipe to accept payments on your website.  Integrating it into your website is as simple as filling in some fields and pasting some code on your web pages.  Jumio will keep 2.75% of each transaction as their fee for the service.

How do you get the money Jumio processes for you?  They send you a check every 30 days.  They also keep 10% of your money in a rolling reserve for 180 days.  So if cash flow is critical to your bottom line, using Netswipe will stretch you a bit.

That said, Jumio claims that Netswipe is not only more secure than the traditional methods of accepting online payments, but it also provides higher conversion rates (less shopping card abandonment).

Want to try a live demo of Jumio Netswipe?  Just click here.  It’s a demo site I setup so you can see everything in action (don’t worry, you won’t actually be charged anything).

And if you want to learn more about Netswipe from Jumio, you can visit their website here.

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