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Vimeo has long been synonymous with outstanding video quality.  The videos on their site look great.  But they never allowed users to upload any type of commercial content.  All of that changed in August when they introduced Vimeo Pro, which offers the same outstanding video quality that Vimeo is famous for, but for businesses.

Since Vimeo Pro is designed specifically for businesses, it’s not free.  The cost is $199 per year.  For that you get 50GB’s of video storage and they’ll stream your videos 250,000 times.  That’s more than enough storage and delivery for the average business owner.  And at least for now, they charge nothing extra for bandwidth.

That comes out to around $16.58 per month…which can be a lot cheaper than even hosting your videos on Amazon S3.  And keep in mind that Amazon is just giving you storage and delivery, not an entire platform like Vimeo Pro.

About the only drawback with Vimeo Pro is their terms of service.  Not that there is anything wrong with their terms of service, it’s just that terms of service can be changed whenever a company wants to.  Which means for example, Vimeo could decide (out of need) to start charging extra for bandwidth.  In other words, it’s a great deal now, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

Some people might also wonder why I would review or even recommend Vimeo Pro, when I have my own product which might be considered a competitor (Video Rebel).  The answer is simple.  My job is to give everyone the straight facts on the options that are out there.  And then they can decide what’s best for themselves.  No review of any product can be legitimate unless this is done.

Here’s the link to Vimeo Pro where you can get more info:

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