How To Use An iPad To Light Your Videos

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iPad’s are used for a lot of things they were never intended for.  Especially with photography and video.  They can be used as teleprompters, clapperboards and even control cameras.  But most people don’t realize that iPad’s can be used as video or photo lights too.

As a matter of fact, they can function as surprisingly good lights.  Of course they can’t light an entire room…but they are good for lighting objects or someone’s face.  And it’s best to make sure the room is dark when using an iPad as a video or photo light.

How do you use an iPad as a video or photo light?  You need to download an app.  These apps do their best to mimic  classic softbox lighting.  They also allow you to change the light color and size, as well as providing multiple styles of light.

You can simply search for “softbox” in the app store to find apps that will turn your iPad into a video or photo light, or below are links to two of the most popular (and probably best) apps:

Photo Soft Box Pro HD

Softbox Pro for iPad




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