Will Your Videos Play On The Kindle Fire?

Learn How To Make Videos That Make Money


Last week Amazon released their much talked about new tablet, the Kindle Fire.  A lot of the press surrounding the Kindle Fire was focused on how it fares against the iPad.  But it’s not truly an iPad competitor, as technically, it’s like comparing apples and oranges (no pun intended).  In short, the iPad is like a Mercedes while the Kindle Fire is like a Hyundai.

What is important is the fact that Amazon has priced the Kindle Fire at just $199 and a lot of people are buying it (some reports say 4 million will be sold in the first quarter of it’s availability).  And with that many eyeballs on the Kindle Fire, it’s important to make sure your web video will play on it.

And in the video above, I share exactly what you need to know for making your web videos playable on the Kindle Fire.


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