How To Ditch Your Video Camera’s Tiny LCD Screen

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Ever get tired or frustrated trying to shoot video using your camera’s tiny LCD screen? Or ever get annoyed by people huddling around your camera’s tiny LCD screen, trying to see what you’re shooting or watch what you’ve shot?

Plugging a bigger screen into your camera, which solves these issues, is very simple.  Problem is, most people go the wrong route with grossly overpriced equipment.

Specifically, they’ll use field monitors, which are portable monitors that plug into your video camera and give you a bigger screen to look at.  Many field monitors can sit on top of your camera and some even run off of batteries.

The gotcha is the cost.  The cheapest field monitors, like this one, cost $200-$300.  And the best ones, like this one, cost well over $1,000.  But no matter the price, when you actually look at what you’re getting for your money, field monitors tend to be a rip-off (unless you’re a professional production studio that relies on them daily).

A far better alternative for the average web video producer is a simple LED monitor.  This would be the same type of monitor you use with your computer.  Say for example, like this one.

LED monitors are pretty inexpensive.  They are super thin and light weight.  They have big screens.  They use little power.  And they provide excellent image quality.  Which makes them a great choice to use as a monitor for your video camera.

Plus, when you’re not using an LED monitor with your camera, you can use it as the monitor (or second monitor) for your computer.

The only gotcha is you’ll need an LED monitor with an HDMI port.  And your camera will need an HDMI port too.  Without these HDMI ports, you won’t be able to connect your camera to an LED monitor.



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