The Best Video Cameras of 2011

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The most common question I get asked, bar none, is what video camera to use.  So here’s a list of the top video camera’s for 2011.

Actually, best is a subjective thing, so I’ll call this the top video camera recommendations for 2011.

Below are links to each camera mentioned…these are not affiliate links, but links directly to the camera maker’s web site:

Point and Shoot  – Apple iPhone 4S

Traditional Video Camera – Any Canon Vixia

Micro Four Thirds Camera – Any Sony NEX

DSLR Camera – Canon 60D

Pro or Prosumer Camera – Canon XF 100, JVC HM 150, Panasonic HMC 150

* As with any video camera, if you want to see footage from a particular camera, compare footage between cameras, etc., the best thing to do is go to Vimeo and search for the camera(s).


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