Video Review of Avid Studio For The iPad

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Yesterday Avid released a new video editing app for the iPad, called Avid Studio for iPad.   It’s meant as a direct competitor for Apple’s own iMovie.  And in the short amount of time I’ve been able to use it, I’d say Avid Studio is already the winner in this competition.

All video editing software titles, whether they be desktop or mobile apps, pretty much do the same thing.  But in the Avid Studio vs. iMovie competition, Avid has a couple of weapons that Apple can’t touch.

First, with Avid Studio for iPad, you have access to all of the media on your iPad. That means for example if you download videos, movies or TV shows from iTunes, you can access and edit those files in Avid Studio. With iMovie that’s not the case…you’re limited to what the camera captures or what is imported via the camera connection kit.

And second, Avid Studio for iPad allows you to export your projects and then open them up in Avid Studio for PC.  That means for example you can do some quick, on the go, mobile editing of your videos on the iPad and then export your projects to iTunes or iCloud.  You can then access those projects using Avid Studio on your PC to continue on with more power-hungry editing.   Again, Apple offers nothing of the sort.

Is there anything wrong with Avid Studio for iPad? Not really.  The app has crashed on me a couple of times while using it (but mobile Safari does that as well).  And there are a few bugs here and there.  But that’s common for brand new apps.

There is one thing I wish Avid would do though; make a Mac version of Avid Studio! They’ve got the Windows and iPad markets covered.  So why not close the loop with a Mac version too?  I’m certain it would be an instant hit.

To learn more about Avid Studio for iPad (currently just $4.99) look for it in the app store or click here.

* Note to anyone who will be using this app.  Don’t expect great performance if you have an iPad 1.  Video editing (and all resource intensive apps) need an iPad 2.

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