How To Get Crystal Clear Screen Recordings On YouTube

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Want to guarantee that your screen recording videos will look crystal clear on YouTube?  It’s very simple to do when you follow a few rules.

And the first thing you need to understand is that screen recording video (recording what’s on your computer screen) is very different than video recorded by a camera.

But rather than boring you with technical differences between the two, I’ll sum it up like this; video from a camera can be resized without losing quality…screen recording video always loses quality when you resize it.

That means if you want crystal clear screen recording video, you need to record it at the same dimensions you’ll display it at on the web.  That’s the big secret to crystal clear screen recording video.

For example, if you plan on displaying a screen recording on your web site at the dimensions of 960×540, you would record your screen at 960×540 too (so there is no resizing happening).

In the case of YouTube, videos are displayed on YouTube at 360p (640×360).  So if you want crystal clear screen recording video on YouTube, you’ll record your screen at 640×360 and then upload your 640×360 video to YouTube.

Confused?  Just watch the video above and it will immediately make sense.  And you can even check out the YouTube videos below, which demonstrate the varying quality YouTube visitors see when recording your screen capture videos at various sizes:

Click here for 360p (640×360) screen recording on YouTube

Click here for 480p (854×480) screen recording on YouTube

Click here for 720p (1280×720) screen recording on YouTube

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