Video Review of the Swivl Personal Cameraman

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Most people shoot video all by themselves with no one to operate the camera. And many people use either their smartphone or a pocket camera for recording video.

If that’s you, now you can have a robot operate your camera for you.

It’s called the Swivl and here’s how it works.

You attach your smartphone or pocket camera to the base (which is the receiver).  You attach the small transmitter to your shirt.  You turn both of them on.

Whenever you move left or right, the Swivl will pan the camera horizontally to follow you.  And if you need the camera to pan  up or down, simply press a button on the transmitter and the Swivl will pan vertically too.

But it gets  better.  If you’re using an iPhone, the Swivl comes with a free app (you download it from the app store).  The Swivl receiver also includes a cable that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone.

When both are used in combination, the  Swivl transmitter becomes a Swiss Army tool of sorts.  Not only does it track your movement and pan the camera horizontally or vertically, but it can be used to remotely start and stop recording.

And the biggest surprise? It works as a wireless microphone too.  That means you can get excellent audio recorded directly to your iPhone, even if you’re standing 30 feet away.  While also being able to remotely start and stop recording.  While also having the camera automatically pan to follow your movements.  Cool, huh?

To see the Swivl in action, along with my full review, watch the video above.

To learn more about the Swivl and order one for yourself, click here to visit the Swivl website.

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