How To Start Selling Your Videos In Under 2 Minutes With Cleeng Play

Learn How To Make Videos That Make Money


If you want to sell your videos online there are multiple hoops to jump through…from merchant accounts, to video hosting, to securing your videos and more.

But what if there was a way that anyone (even you) could start selling access to your videos in under 2 minutes?  And what if you could do it by simply clicking a few buttons?

Now you can with a service called Cleeng Play.  I had originally reviewed Cleeng back in February of 2011 when they began offering a turn-key WordPress plugin for selling access to your written articles (click here to see that review).

But a few weeks ago Cleeng released Cleeng Play, which allows you instantly sell access to your videos.  So how does it work…what’s good about it…what’s bad about it and how much does it cost?  All of those answers and more are in the video above.

And to see a live, working example of a Cleeng Play enabled video, click here.




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