How To Use CineGif To Create Dazzling Animated Images From Your Videos

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Animated images (animated GIF files) have been around since the dawn of the Internet.  And they’ve been cheesy just as long.

But then along came video and the ability to create animated images from video.  Add in an extra helping of creativity and originality…and you’ve got some powerful images.

Why is this important? Because these days web site visitors have ad blindness.  They don’t see  most ads, period.  However, an animated image (made from video) will most definitely catch their eye.  Just ask the porn industry.  They use animated images created from video with huge success (and click thru rates).

And the great news is that now anyone…including you…can quickly and easily create animated images from  videos.


Through the web site  In fact, they won’t even charge you anything.  I demonstrate exactly how to use CineGIF in the video above.  And you can see examples of animated images created using CineGIF below:













































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