Video Review of My Favorite Video Camera The Sony RX100

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No one can tell you what the best video camera is. It’s too subjective. Ask 100 people and you’ll probably get 100 different answers.

However, I can tell you what my favorite video camera is. It fits in my pocket and is with me nearly all the time (and has the scratches and dings to prove it).

I’ll save you the suspense here.   It’s the Sony RX100. It’s a little point and shoot pocket cam.  It comes in at around $600 USD, so it’s not necessarily cheap, but that is still fairly inexpensive in the video camera world.

And I’m not the only one who loves it. The New York Times called it “the best pocket camera ever made”.  Engadget in their review raved “There aren’t enough positive adjectives to sufficiently describe Sony’s masterpiece, but take me on my word: it’s absolutely fantastic”.  And explains “It’s so small and so powerful, you won’t think twice about carrying it along, and you probably won’t ever be disappointed with the results”.

But enough.  You get the point.  Everyone loves this camera (including me).  And you simply cannot go wrong with it.  Period.

Now a few things I didn’t point out in the video.

For video, the camera shoots in both AVCHD and MP4 mode.  It also offers 60i and 60p recording (both in full HD, 1920X1080).  But to get the absolute best quality, you need to shoot in the AVCHD mode at 60p.  That will give you a bit rate of 28mbps (Blu-Ray quality).  The video above was shot at these settings.

And finally, I’m sure people will ask “hey, how does this camera compare to [insert whatever camera here]?

Well here’s what you need to know.  If you’re comparing it to a DSLR camera, don’t.   A DSLR camera cannot fit in your pocket.  The Sony RX100 can.  If you’re comparing it to a traditional video camera, don’t.  Again, a traditional video camera cannot fit in your pocket.  The Sony RX100 can.  And if you’re comparing the Sony RX100 to a smartphone, go ahead.  But understand the RX100 will blow any smartphone out of the water.

To get the full technical specs on the Sony RX100…straight from Sony…click here now.

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