Video Review of The Canon Rebel SL1, The World’s Smallest DSLR

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Last week Canon released what they are calling the world’s smallest DSLR camera…the Canon Rebel SL1.  And they weren’t kidding, the Canon SL1 is very small and very, very light.

But how does it do when it comes to video and still photos? In a word, outstanding.  In many ways it stands toe to toe with it’s bigger and far more expensive brothers.

So the question is should you get the new Canon Rebel SL1?  Well, if you already have a DSLR camera and you’re happy with it, the answer is no…there’s really no reason to invest in one.

However, if you have an older DSLR that does not have auto-focus…and you’d really love to have auto-focus…the Canon Rebel SL1 will probably be the lowest priced and best performing DSLR you can find.

But keep in mind that it runs between $700 to $800 USD and at that price point you have other attractive options as well…options that may offer you more bang for your buck.

Most notable on these options are the cameras in the Sony NEX line and the fabulous point and shoot camera I reviewed last week, the Sony RX 100.

To get all the the tech specs of the Canon Rebel SL1 straight from Canon’s site, click here.


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