Video Review of the Blue Nessie USB Microphone

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There are plenty of USB condenser microphones on the market.  And all of them are good.  Very good.  In fact, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

But there is a new player on the block called the Blue Nessie that is turning heads.

Why?  Well, for several reasons.  First, it’s the world’s only adaptive USB microphone.  That means the microphone actually takes the sound it’s capturing and processes it to make it sound as good as it can.

Usually you need to do this after you’ve made a recording…using special, additional software .  But with the Blue Nessie you can skip all of that.  Again, it automatically cleans up, enhances and makes the audio sound great for you.

And everything else is built into the Blue Nessie too.  Like the stand.   And the shock mount.  And the pop filter.  And…well, you get the idea.  It’s kind of the ultimate, portable, pick-it-up-and-go USB mic.

But how good does it sound?  And should you even consider getting one?  You can find those answers and more in my video review above.



Blue Nessie (direct link to Blue’s web site…not some sneaky affiliate link)

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