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The Video Graphics Course For Regular People

The Video Graphics Course

Learn how to quickly and easily graphics for your videos that look like they costs thousands, using only Keynote or PowerPoint.

Voice SEO Made Simple

Voice SEO Made Simple

Step by step training system that shows you how to easily “voiceify” your website so you can be found by today’s voice assistants.

The Video Playbook Course

The Video Playbook Course

How to make your videos look like you paid me to make them for you.  Discover my unconventional tricks to making killer videos.

The Idea Course

The Idea Course

You don’t know what to sell and all of your ideas suck.  I’ll show you how to generate more profitable ideas than you can manage.

Wordpress Master Class For Business

WordPress Masterclass For Business

Your complete, step by step resource for building profitable and professional websites using WordPress.

How To Make Smartphone Videos That Don't Suck

Smartphone Videos That Don't Suck

Learn how to use your smartphone to shoot pro-quality videos for your business, no experience required.

The Art of Being Prolific

Procrastinate much? Let us show you how to get more done in the next 30 days than most people do all year.

Steal My Secrets

Steal My Secrets

Get unlimited access to my private “Rolodex” of time-saving, profit-making and traffic-generating tips, tricks and tips.

Camtasia Jumpstart

Discover step by step how quickly and easily create gorgeous, pro-quality videos using Camtasia for both Windows and Mac.

Storytelling For Internet Marketers

Learn step by step how to use the incredible power of storytelling in emails, videos, sales pages and content.

Longevity Marketing System

Longevity Marketing System

It’s one thing to make money online. It’s quite another run a legitimate business that grows each year. Here’s how to do it.

Six-Figure Web Video Secrets

The best way to make money with video is by creating training courses. Here we show you exactly how we do it ourselves.

Video Ad Mastery

Video Ad Mastery

If you want an endless stream of cheap, targeted traffic then video ads are the way to go. Here’s how to do them.

YouTube Mastery

Tired of uploading videos to YouTube and getting almost no views and subscribers? Here’s how to fix it.

Kaizen Copywriting

Kaizen Copywriting System

Most copywriting training is based on principles from 50 years ago. That stuff doesn’t work today. This does.

Stop Motion Hero

Stop Motion Hero

Apple, Amazon and Toyota have all used stop motion videos to market their products. And now you can easily make them too.

The Mentor Academy

Mentor Academy

Get every product at Web Video University, plus unlimited personal coaching, plus private monthly training and more.

60 Minute Coaching Session

Get a one-on-one, 60-minute warp speed coaching session Web Video University founder Dave Kaminski.

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