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1993 - First Online Sale

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Dave Kaminski (the founder of Web Video University) sells his first product online. It was a bronze statue of a horse. He sold it over CompuServe for $400, making a nice $250 profit. The Interent business bug had been planted in his head.

1995 - First Website Made

While working as a self-taught software developer for a healthcare technology firm, Dave is tasked with creating a website for the company. It's his first website, created entirely by hand using Windows Notepad and Paint. It lands his employer multiple new, lucrative clients.

1997 - Million Dollar Lesson

While still working for the same healthcare technology firm, Dave codes software which is then sold to a publicly traded company for $1 million dollars. Although Dave created the software entirely by himself, he doesn't see a penny of that $1 million dollars. He learns his biggest business lesson; don't ever work for someone else. And he quits his job.

1998 - Full-Time Netpreneur

Dave goes into business online full-time, selling books, software and physical products. It's a disaster right out of the gate and he loses $25,000 on his first product. But he doesn't stop. He keeps learning and keeps trying. Within two years he's earning over $100,000 annually.

2000 - Accidental Side Career

Other businesses start to take notice of Dave's websites. They want to know who is creating his marketing. Dave tells them he does it all himself. And that starts a side career as a freelance copywriter, where he creates the sales pitches for too many products to mention. And along the way, many of Dave's clients ask if he can create videos too - both for marketing and products. And that starts yet another side career as a video guy.

2008 - Web Video University Launched

Dave is completely burned out from creating marketing and videos for other businesses. So he has an idea. Maybe he can teach other business owners what he knows. That way, they can make their own marketing and product videos and put them online, without having to pay someone else. So he launches Web Video University. He has no list and starts from zero. But he generates $150,000 in sales in the first 9 months. Turns out people in the Internet marketing world like someone who tells it like it is and delivers what they promise. So Dave runs with it.

2018 - Students In 30+ Countries

10 years after Web Video University was launched, it's still going strong and continues to grow each year, with students in more than 30 countries. That's despite all of the technology changes on the web and the endless stream of competitors who regularly come and go. And Dave still answers emails personally, just like he did back in 2008.

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