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In a Market Where I'm Totally Unknown,

Have No Audience, No Authority and No Help

If You Want To Know What Works Online

You've Got To See The Birth, Not Just The Baby

And that’s the problem.

That $1,000+ course taught by your favorite celebrity marketer shows you the baby. “Look at everything I’ve accomplished, you can be just like me, here are the highlights on how I did it – it’s so easy!”. 

But you’re buying the highlights, not the ugly details of the actual birth. And when it comes to online business, it’s the details that are the dream killers. The stuff that makes people panic, stress, get overwhelmed and quit. 

They’ll never tell you about the details – the birth. Because the details can be messy. And if you knew them, you might not buy their expensive training with the fast-action bonuses and upsells, all wrapped in a pretty red bow.

So let’s try this.

How about I show you these ugly details. And more importantly…show you how to navigate through them, so you can actually create an online business without losing your sh**.

And how about I do it without charging you a stimulus check or more for the opportunity.

I'm Putting Myself In Your Shoes,

So You Can Learn How To Properly Build An

Online Business In Weeks...Instead of Years or Never

The concept isn’t hard to grasp. I’m starting from scratch, zero, nothing. No list, no friends, no contacts, no content, no website, no nothing. And in a market I’ve never been in, where I’m literally unknown, at the very bottom of the bottom.

And I’m going to build a new online business starting from there.

In other words, I’m going to start an online business the same way you have to start an online business; from scratch. In fact, the only weapons I will have are my knowledge and experience.

And then I’m going to document literally everything I do…in detail. That means from buying a domain, all the way to making my first sale…and everything in between. I mean everything.

And remember, it’s the details that are critical. I could give you the highlights like everyone else, but those will do you no good.

The gold is in all the tiny, little details…where you get to see how the smallest of things actually make the biggest difference…and how seeing these unfold in real-life will make the biggest difference in your online business too.

I'm Calling It...

The Build a Business From Scratch Course

Except it’s not really course…it’s more like a diary.

That means you’ll find no modules or scripted lessons. Instead, you’ll just see honest video after honest video where I reveal in full detail exactly what I’m doing…and why…through each step of the journey.

For you, it will fill in all of the missing puzzle pieces. You’ll have plenty of ah-ha moments. And it will hopefully motivate the sh** out of you, because you’ll see I don’t possess any magical gifts…I just think smart and move fast, which is exactly what you’ll learn how to do too.

The Build a Business From Scratch Course is dynamic and totally transparent. Because I’m documenting literally everything I do, videos containing all the invaluable details are constantly added. If I screw up, you’ll see it (and you’ll know what to avoid). If I discover a new technique that leads to a big success, you’ll see that too (and can use it for your own online business).

The course doesn’t “end” until my new business has legs, is profitable and I’m successfully scaling it. And you get to see everything that goes on until I get there. It will be a priceless education. A model you can return to again and again. A shortcut past all of the frustrations and mistakes that you’d otherwise make.

Ever Try To Make a Recipe

Look Like The Picture?

If you’re trying to build an online business by following the typical training online…especially from marketing celebrities…your online business will end up looking like the Cookie Monster above; a monstrosity.

Why? Because they’re just giving you the ingredients and you’re supposed to make your business look like theirs. But they never really tell you how to work those ingredients. Or what to do if you don’t have an ingredient. Or what to do if you screw up any of the ingredients.

The Build a Business From Scratch Course isn’t about the ingredients…it’s about how to do everything in between so you end up with legit looking Cookie Monster, or in this case, a legit, profitable online business.

It’s the difference between someone telling you what you need to bake a cake and someone sitting down with you and going into blow-by-blow detail through every step of baking a cake. 

And again, I’m covering everything in the process. Everything. It’s totally transparent. There will be no “wait, what about” moments or “should I do this or that” questions because I’m not leaving anything out. Literally everything I do is documented and available for you to watch on-demand.

Plus, I’ll be explaining exactly why I’m doing what I do. That means you get to see what really matters…and what’s just a waste of your time (I promise you, 95% of what people do when launching an online business is a waste of time).

The goal with this training is to give you a priceless resource where you can learn exactly what it takes to create a profitable online business in the “real world”. And where you can actually do it in weeks, rather than the months or years it would usually take you (if you get a business up and running at all).

The bottom line is this: if you’ve been thinking, wanting or needing to start an online business, this is the training that will get you there the fastest. No hype. No blah, blah theory. Just the straight facts on what it takes to create a profitable online business in real life.

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