Video Interview – One-On-One with Cali Lewis of GeekBeet.TV


Earlier this week, I had the chance to talk with one of the “good people” on the Internet (and a web video pioneer), Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV.

About 2 years ago, Cali and her husband Neal decided to start a video podcast covering technology news.  The problem was, they had zero experience with web video and had no clue what they were doing.  But that didn’t stop them.  You see, what they did have was passion, character and resiliency (3 traits you’ll always find in successful people…across all genres).

Today, their little web show (started in their spare-time) has become a full-time job…with 300,000 people downloading their webcasts…everyday.

I spoke with Cali via a video chat about how they were able to accomplish this and she openly shared quite a few priceless tips.  I recorded our chat…and while the technical quality of the recording is far from perfect (that’s the nature of video chats these days)…like I said, the information Cali shares is golden.

No matter where you currently are with web video, there are two things I strongly urge you to do:

1. Watch my interview with Cali.  It’s only 12 minutes long…but will shift your way of thinking.

2. Visit Cali’s site, GeekBeat.TV (don’t worry, she doesn’t sell anything).  It’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of web video being executed properly…and there’s much you can learn by simply watching the shows Cali and Neal produce.

To watch my interview with Cali now, just click the play button below:




To check out Cali’s site, click here.


UPDATE: Here are links to the resources Cali mentions in the interview:

Drobo – External hard drive maker and one of Cali’s sponsors

Mevio – Where Cali recommends you upload your podcasts

Tubemogul – Video distribution service Cali recommends

Vimeo – Video sharing site…best video quality

Wizzard Player – Flash video player Cali now uses (uses RSS feeds)

Adobe After Effects – What Cali recommend for professional video graphics






  • Fantastic site! Great production. The only thing is that sometimes she speaks too fast and you can loose track of of the info being given. But I really like the quality of her shows. Very professional. Thanks for sharing this interview and her site.

  • Great interview. It was very helpful. I had a problem understanding some of the resources she mentioned. Would it be possible to list them all somewhere? Thanks very much!

  • FYI ALL: I’ll be putting together a list of the resources Cali mentioned during the interview (with links) soon.

    Thanks – Dave

  • Success stories like these motivate a lot. Really there is nothing that can prevent anybody from producing his own TV-show or videopodcast.
    I visited her site and could only say that she knows well what she is doing. Some green screen and After Effects tricks along with sound FXs make the work yet more impressive! And a nice little dance at the end makes me smile…
    Thanks a lot, Dave, your resources and advices are unmatched.

  • Excellent information capsule. And thanks for the links, too. Very helpful. On the other hand, what a beautiful lady she is!