Veed Video Review – The Online Video Editing App That Can Replace Traditional Video Editing Software



It doesn’t matter if you have Windows. Or you own a Mac. Or if you use a Chromebook. With the Veed video app, you can create and edit pro-quality videos right from your browser.

Veed was born to solve a problem; that traditional desktop based video editing software is expensive, difficult to learn, a headache to use and well beyond the needs of the average video maker today.

In other words, traditional video editing software is for broadcast TV, Hollywood and aspiring film makers…while Veed was created for the small business owner, blogger, influencer and modern day creative.

But can you really create and edit pro-quality videos from your browser? Yep, you sure can, but it’s not always perfect (nothing is).

To watch a detailed review of how Veed works, what’s good and what to look out for, just click on the video above.

And to try Veed yourself for free, just click here.