Why Web Video Might Cause Teachers To Lose Their Jobs


I’ve long been a proponent of using web video for education.  Why?  The reasons are simple.  Not only can the viewer benefit tremendously, but it’s arguably the most profitable business model to boot. It might also…eventually…kick a good number of teachers out of their jobs.  Howard Lindzon said it best in a recent blog post (Howard is a highly-respected investor, hedge...

Profitable Web Video Site of The Week


I’ve always said that a surefire way to profit from web video is by using web video to provide educational services.  Today we’ll look at a site doing just that. The site is  It’s a startup based in Austin, Texas that teaches students Mandarin Chinese.  Specifically U.S. students grades kindergarten through 12.  Why would young students in the U.S. want to...

Video Interview – One-On-One with Shama Hyder – Facebook Marketing


Are you using Facebook or any other social networking site to help promote your business?  If you are, how is it working out for you? Well, if you’re like most people, you’re not getting the results you hoped for.  You have your profile out there, you have a few friends or contacts…but not much else is happening. Even with 110 million active Facebook users, the above scenario...

Video Interview – One-On-One with Cali Lewis of GeekBeet.TV


Earlier this week, I had the chance to talk with one of the “good people” on the Internet (and a web video pioneer), Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.TV. About 2 years ago, Cali and her husband Neal decided to start a video podcast covering technology news.  The problem was, they had zero experience with web video and had no clue what they were doing.  But that didn’t stop them.  You...

Video Tutorial: Using Photoshop-Like Effects In Sony Vegas


Sony Vegas has a lot of “hidden” effects buried within it. In fact, with some of these effects, people will swear that the video was made with After Effects or Final Cut…instead of Sony Vegas. Today I’m going to share with you one of these effects. It’s an effect that’s used quite often in image editing software like Photoshop. But we’re going to do it...

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