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How To Create 3D Avatars of Yourself For The Web


Surprisingly, I get asked frequently about how to create avatars or animated avatars for web sites.  While these aren’t exactly in the realm of web video, I get asked nonetheless. And one of the new (and free) offerings in the world of personal, 3D avatars is Big Stage. With Big Stage, you simply sign-up for a free account, upload anywhere from one to three headshots of yourself (they need...

New Jersey Woman Uses Web Video To Find a Husband


This is a story I’d normally never cover in this blog, however, it’s an excellent demonstration of what can be achieved through web video marketing. The story goes like this.  Neenah Pickett is a 42 year-old New Jersey woman who has never been married.  By 2010, she wants to find a husband (or the man who will eventually become her husband).  The problem is that Neenah is a career...

What Makes a Viral Video Go Viral?


Much of the buzz around online video has to do with videos that go viral. One day a person or a business is unknown, they post a video on YouTube…and boom…overnight they become a sensation. But what are the characteristics of a viral video? Is there a pattern to them? A formula? Well, Mike Laurie over at the shipsbiscuit blog believes there is. And he believes he’s identified...

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