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Help! Videos Buffering or Stopping Half-Way Through!


Over the past week I’ve had several requests to do a post about the problems people run into when trying to watch videos online.  Problems like videos pausing (while a “buffering” message appears) or a video stopping during playback for no apparent reason. So here’s what you need to know. First, videos pausing during playback (where a “buffering” or...

Video Sharing Sites Go High-Def…See the Head-To-Head Comparision


If you host your own videos, maintaining your video quality is not a problem because you control everything from start to finish. However, if you use video sharing sites to host your videos, it’s a different story.  Essentially, you upload your video and then give up total control over what the final product is going to look like.  Traditionally, video sharing sites will “dumb...

Canon EOS 5D Mark II – A Still Photo Camera That Creates Hollywood Quality Video?


This is an interesting one. It started with a press release about yet another new digital still photo camera…but has turned into the event of the year (so far) in the video world. Why? Because it turns out that this camera meant to shoot still photos can also record full, high-definition video…that rivals…and even surpasses…insanely expensive cameras used in Hollywood...

Windows or Mac – What’s Best for Creating Web Videos?


A frequent question I receive from people who plan to start creating web videos on a regular basis is…should I use Windows or a Mac? The answer isn’t so simple.  In fact, I use both.  So what I’m going to do here is highlight what you need to know about these platforms, as they pertain to web video. First Windows.  PC’s are cheaper than Mac’s.  Video editing software...

New Video Format Hits the Web – Claims Better Quality At Half The Size


For years, the folks at On2 Technologies have owned the title of “best video codec” when it came to Flash video.  Their VP6 codec had become the gold-standard and is licensed by Adobe, the makers of Flash.  If you produce your web videos using products like Flix Standard, Flix Pro or Adobe Flash Pro/CS3, you’re using the VP6 codec. Then along came H.264…a format that...

Microsoft Silverlight To Begin Supporting Flash Video


About a month ago I did a post…or more accurately a review…of Microsoft Silverlight (Microsoft’s foray into the world of web video).  The review even drew a couple comments from the Silverlight team at Microsoft. At the time, my big question with Silverlight was…why would someone want to use it when Flash is the Internet standard when it comes to web video? Well, Microsoft...

Cool Effects for Final Cut On The Cheap


One of the common tasks when creating video…especially for the web…is adding special effects like transitions, filters, generated media and things of that sort. And while Final Cut (both Express and Pro) offer a nice suite of built-in special-effects, I usually find myself wanting more.  And that means…I usually end up key framing my own effects or jumping over to other tools...

Video Lighting Enters The 21st Century


If you want professional looking video, you need to use professional lighting.  And for decades, professional lighting meant light kits with halogen bulbs. Halgoen has it’s benefits…the color of the light is consistent, it’s produces great light and the light housing is generally small.  But as anyone who has worked with halogen lights knows, they also run VERY HOT, the bulbs...

Understanding High-Definition Video On The Web – H.264


When most people are starting out, trying to get their first video online, they are happy to simply get something out there. Quality concerns are usually buried somewhere down towards the bottom of the list. But usually, after they’ve broken through that initial learning curve, they’ll want to know how to get their videos looking as gorgeous, as say, the videos they see on...

AVCHD – About That Camera You Want To Buy


Back in 2006, Sony and Panasonic got together and created a new, consumer-level, high-definition video format called Advanced Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD). These days, when consumers are thinking about buying a high-definition video camera, AVCHD is likely the “type of camera” they’ll come across. But there are a few pitfalls regarding AVCHD cameras you need to know...

Is Microsoft Silverlight a Viable Alternative To Flash?


Silverlight is Microsoft’s latest foray into the world of web media. While there are many individual components to Silverlight, essentially, it functions much like a wanna-be competitor to Flash (the Internet standard for rich, interactive media). What Microsoft is trying to do with Silverlight, is make the creation of this media much easier (anyone who has sat down to author a Flash file...

How To Use This Blog – Video Tutorial


What’s this? A video tutorial on how to navigate a blog?! Yep. The fact is that with all the technology these days, blogs (like a lot of web sites) have so much going on that people are confused about what to do…and they aren’t really sure how to navigate their way around them. And confused viewers are a bad thing on a web site. It makes people click away…never to come...

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