Airwave Video Meeting Review – Better Than Skype?


*** THE ORIGINAL POST CONTAINS UPDATES THAT ARE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST *** Skype is great.  Except when it’s not.  Like when you’re late for a Skype call but have to wait for it to install updates.  Or when you’re distracted by ads and notification messages.  Or when the call drops out but you don’t realize it until after you’ve been talking to no one for...

5 Cool Tools For Online Business Owners


Here’s The Stuff That I Talked About In The Video Animated GIFS – Useful when you want to demonstrate something, but don’t want to make a video.  Plus, animated GIF’s can be displayed anywhere, including within emails.  Click here for LICEcap. WordPress Plugin for Stripe – Many people (including myself) use Stripe these days to take credit card payments online.  But...

Video Review: Magic Bullet Mojo For Sony Vegas


Magic Bullet Mojo, from Red Giant Software, is a quick and easy plugin that can instantly change the look of your videos. It’s designed for people who want to achieve Hollywood-type coloring in their videos, but don’t have the time or skill to do this otherwise. And unlike most plugins from Red Giant Software, Magic Bullet Mojo happens to work inside Sony Vegas too. How does it...

Video Review – Camtasia For Mac


Earlier this week, TechSmith released Camtasia for Mac. This is the first serious challenge for ScreenFlow, which has long been regarded as the best choice for making screen recordings on a Mac. So how does Camtasia for Mac stack up?  Is it better than ScreenFlow…is it worse…and which of these two competing titles should you use? I answer all of these questions and more in a video...

Video Tutorial: Creating TV-Style Photo Effects In Sony Vegas


Adding motion to still photos (the Ken Burns effect) is nothing new.  In fact, it’s so common these days that web sites have popped up whose sole purpose is to allow you to create animated photo slideshows. However, a new technique that is starting to be done more and more in the world of television, is to take a still photo and isolate just a portion of that photo…while still adding...

Video Review: New Veoh Video Compass Browser Plugin


Last week Veoh released a new browser plugin, called the Veoh Video Compass, that allows you to receive relevant video results as you’re searching the web. For example, lets say you’re on Google and you’re searching for “baking pans”.  Google will return their normal search results as they always do, however, across the top of your browser you’ll also see...

Video Tutorial: How To Fix Ugly Colors In Sony Vegas


It happens quite a bit…you spend all day shooting your video, only to end up disappointed at how the colors in your video turned out.  Or worse yet, the colors look so bad that you think the only choice you have is to re-shoot the entire video. While “best practice” is to get everything right when your video is originally shot, it also happens to be very easy to fix mistakes in...

Video Tutorial: How To Use New Gmail Video Chat Feature


Recently Google announced a new feature to their popular Gmail service; free voice and video chat. With this feature, Gmail users can now do real-time, one-on-one video chats with other Gmail users. It’s all 100% browser based…you do it all through your Gmail account. You just select one of your contacts, invite them to video chat, they’ll be notified…and just like that...

Video Tutorial: Creating Still Photos From Video Footage In Sony Vegas


From time to time when working with video, you’ll find yourself needing (or wanting) to use a still photo from within the video footage. Maybe you want to use the photo as a thumbnail image on your web page. Maybe you want to use it in an email. Or maybe there’s just a great shot in your video that you want to print out and hang on your wall. In the video tutorial below, I show you...

Video Tutorial: How To Create a Photo Slideshow In Sony Vegas


When most people are starting out with video editing software, just learning the in’s and out’s, they aren’t comfortable working with live video footage. And a great way to ease the learning curve with video editing software, is to first work with still images (photos). You can actually create very powerful videos using nothing but still images. In the tutorial below, I show you...

Video Tutorial: DV Kitchen – The Best Tool To Encode H.264 Web Videos?


I’m a bit of a quality freak. I’m constantly testing tools side by side, trying to determine what produces the highest quality web video (as in, what gives you the best looking video on the web, with the lowest investment of time and money). At the beginning of August 2008, a new product called DV Kitchen was released. DV Kitchen takes your video and encodes it using the high...

Video Tutorial: One-Click Green Screen Effects


Creating quality green screen effects with digital video is not an easy task. Digital video is comprised of pixels, which cause artifacts or “stair steps” around people or objects used in green screen video. Many video editing applications claim to provide near-perfect green screen effects with just a click of the mouse. In reality, achieving a decent green screen effect with digital...

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