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YouTube Expected To Lose $470 Million In 2009


As a follow-up to my post last Friday, where I covered news of video sharing site Veoh slashing their workforce by 36%, comes news about YouTube, the 800 pound gorilla in the market (Google owned YouTube is responsible for approximately 41% of all video streams on the Internet). While Google has admitted that YouTube has never turned a profit, they never stated any specific numbers.  So analysts...

Street Psychology and Video Marketing


Anyone involved with marketing on a daily basis tends to become a student of psychology. And those of us buried in the deeper levels of direct response marketing tend to be serious students of psychology. In my experience (and opinion) psychology gets broken down into two categories; clinical psychology and street psychology. Clinical psychology is the health services field. It deals with how to...

YouTube Sponsored Videos: Adwords-Like Advertising Comes To YouTube


Last week, YouTube (and Google) announced the introduction of a new marketing service on YouTube…called YouTube Sponsored Videos. What is it? Well, it’s a lot like Adwords for video.  Here’s how it works: You produce a video that promotes your product or service.  You go to YouTube Sponsored Videos and bid on keywords.  When someone on YouTube does a search based on those...

Why Don’t More Marketer’s Use This Technique? (And Something Free For You…Maybe)


I read Seth Godin’s books and am a frequent reader of his blog.  If you’ve never heard of Seth…or his blog…you can learn about Seth here. A few month’s back, I ordered Seth’s newest book, called Tribes.  Actually, I pre-ordered it because it hadn’t been published yet.  About two days ago, I received the book in the mail.  Only it didn’t come from...

CreateSpace – Make Your Videos Available To Millions on Amazon


Let’s say you’ve created a video info-product.  A video where you teach people how to run faster.  Or how to jump higher.  Or how make their kid’s behave.  Or how to do yoga. Now you want people to buy your video…either on DVD or through electronic download.  There are lots of ways to do both (and lots of options with both)…so much so, that people become completely...

Text Sites vs. Video Sites – The Straight Stats


There are a lot of statistics (and hearsay) floating around about how sites featuring video fair against sites using only text. Much of the actual data comes from major advertisers using pre-roll video (the video ads you have to watch before the video you want to see is played). So these statistics, while telling, aren’t necessarily “in tune” with the average web site owner. On...

ShopFlick – Like eBay But All 100% Video


Picture this.  You have…or want…to start an online business selling radio controlled cars.  Or t-shirts.  Or clothes you design.  Or surfboards.  Or…whatever.  You get the picture. You could start a web site or get listed on Amazon or do the eBay thing.  But what if instead, you could produce a video for your product.  And this video would be seen by people looking to buy...

Web Video Production – The New Goldrush?


Lost in all the hoopla of online video, the stories of new celebrities being “discovered” and entrepreneurs banking million dollar deals from 2-minute video clips…is the fact that there are a lot of businesses out there who want to start using online video…and…who are desperately looking for people who can make those videos for them. In fact, although I only occupy a...

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