How To Double Your Revenue

Using ONLY The Traffic You Already Have

The Most Powerful Form of Marketing
Is NOT What You've Been Told

Do you know what the most powerful (and profitable) form of online marketing is? If you’re like most people, your answer will be SEO, YouTube, social media or paid advertising. But they are all wrong. Dead wrong.

The most powerful form of online marketing has an insane 40:1 ROI (return on investment). That means on average, for every $1 you spend you’ll earn $40 in return. So what is this magical form of marketing? It’s something you’ve probably ignored. Or haven’t been doing right. Or may be surprised to learn has been hiding right underneath your nose. OK, so what is it?

It’s email marketing. Yes, email marketing. Imagine being able to double your profits this year without getting any extra traffic. Imagine sending a single email and giving yourself a 4, 5 or even 6 figure raise. Imagine being able to make money whenever you want by typing some words and pushing a button.

All without wasting time and money chasing after the next big thing. And all while running a professional, legitimate business with integrity and class. All of this and more is easily possible with email marketing.

But There's a Catch...

You have to do it the RIGHT WAY. You see, building, maintaining and profiting from email lists is a science. And unfortunately, most people never learn the science.

Instead they simply copy-cat off of other people. They see what some big name marketer is doing and then try to imitate them. From the software they use, to the offers they make, to the products they push. And guess what? It doesn’t work, so they stop doing everything and move onto the next shiny penny. In other words, they do it THE WRONG WAY.

But how do you do it the right way? Well, like I said, it is a science. And once you learn the science, everything changes. For example, have you ever seen a rock concert where the lead singer directs thousands of loyal fans to wave their arms from side to side, all in unison? That’s what happens when you do it the right way.

Except you won’t be at a rock concert (sorry). But you will be a rock star of sorts, directing thousands of loyal fans on your mailing list to do what you want. It’s powerful stuff. It can change fortunes. It can change the course of your business. Shoot, it’s not an exaggeration to say it can change your life (it has mine).

I've Known For Decades How Simple It Can Be
To Earn $100,000+ From Email Lists With
Less Than 1,000 Names

But for nearly everyone else, it’s a revelation.

And it’s a revelation because with online marketing, you’re brainwashed into thinking it’s all about more, more, more. More traffic. More posts. More content. More ads. More subscribers. More likes. More videos. More views.

More is not the answer. Everyone is fighting everyone else for more online. And no one wins at that game.

Instead, you want to exploit what you already have…your email list. Or start building one properly. Because when done the right way, email lists can be magic.

Actually, I call it Email Voodoo.

And here’s your opportunity to learn how to do this magic too.

Introducing Email Voodoo

It’s the step by step training course were I’ll show you how to do email marketing right in 2020. No hype. No gimmicks. No fluff. No filler. No inflated promises.

Just the plain facts on what it takes to build and maintain profitable mailing lists. And I walk you through it all step by step. For you, that means there’s no guessing if you’re doing it right. I lay it all out for you, telling exactly what you need to do (and exactly what you shouldn’t do).

Can you really double or even triple your income just through email marketing? Yes, you really can. This is not fantasy. It’s a fact. It’s why the top Internet retailers in the world rely on it religiously. Most people spend their time chasing new traffic. But with email lists, you already have targeted prospects at your finger tips…traffic you can tap into any time you want. And when you do it the right way like I teach in Email Voodoo, it can change your business in ways you’ve never dreamed. And fast.

If you already have a big list, tiny list or don’t even have a mailing list yet, no worries, this will still work for you. If you’re starting from scratch with no mailing list you’re going to learn how to do everything right from the get-go. And if you already have a list, you’ll learn how to fix it fast so you can start getting the results you want fast.

Here's a Closer Look At What You'll Learn

List Building

In this section of the training, I’ll be covering how to either start building a new list from scratch or growing your existing list...the right way.

There’s a lot out there on the Internet on how to get “3,000 subscribers in the next 7 days, blah, blah”. I won’t be teaching you those gimmicks.

Instead I’ll be showing you how to grow a responsive list, which means one where the people on it will actually buy from you. Otherwise, what’s the point?


All The Tech

You can’t do anything online without running into tech. And email is no different.

Is there a particular email service that works better than the others, what about landing pages, lead magnets, funnel builders and all the other stuff that marketers say you can’t live without?

I’ll break it all down in this section, telling you what you actually need, what is total marketing bullsh** and how to use it all.

If you’re worried about your lack of tech skills, don’t. Email Voodoo requires very little tech and I make it black and white for you anyway.


Sweet Science - The Numbers

When it comes to email marketing, there are lots of numbers.

And most of them mean absolutely nothing for your bottom line, like for example, the size of your list.

In this section of the training I’m going to break down myth vs. reality when it comes to email. And introduce you to some metrics I promise you’ve never heard of.

The bottom line is that when you’re finished with this section, you’ll know exactly what numbers will guarantee that you will profit from your email list each and every month…and what numbers you can forget about forever.

Sweet Science - The Creative

There are 3 basic things that have to happen in order for you to regularly profit from your email list. Your emails have to be opened. They have to be read. And the links in them have to be clicked.

Sounds simple, right? But that stats are sobering. Industry wide, email open rates are around 15% and click-through rates are even lower.

In this section of the training, I’m going to show you how to easily triple these, if not more.

You’re going to learn all of the creative tricks I use so your emails don’t sit ignored in an inbox and instead get clicks that bring in cash.

This section alone is worth 10x’s the cost of this training.

Sweet Science - The Formulas

I know, I get it. You want plug and play, already-done-for-you systems and formulas that you can immediately put into place. You don’t want to create stuff from scratch.

And that’s what I’m going to give you here. My personal Email Voodoo formulas for you to use…you just copy and paste them…and start using them instantly regardless of the business you’re in.

There’s no guesswork. Just use what I give you and follow what I show you. Everything is laid out for you step by step.

I’m even including my “unfair advantage” email formula. It’s a single, one-time email that can be sent to your list at any time and that has generated at least $1,800 in sales (in a few hours) every time it’s been sent, for the past 5 years. Yep, I’m going to give it to you inside Email Voodoo.

You Have Unclaimed Money
In Your Email List Right Now...

Let Me Show You How To Get It

Or if you don’t have a list, let me show you how to build it and then generate revenue from it month after month.

What I’m teaching inside Email Voodoo works for any business. Online or offline. Products or services. Business to business or business to consumer. And you don’t need any technical or creative skills either. I lay everything out for you, step by step.

Tapping into your email list is the fastest, easiest and cheapest (it’s free) way to start generating more revenue for your business immediately. You just have to know how to do it…and that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you how to do in Email Voodoo.

Plus, when you follow what I teach, you’ll be generating money month after month.

So would you rather keep ignoring your email list and compete with everyone else for “more” on the Internet…or would you rather be able to tap into your email list and generate revenue at any time?

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