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A Smarter Way To Learn. A Better Way To Get Things Done. A Faster Path To Sucess.

I’ll get straight to the point. You want to have a business online. Maybe it’s because you’re tired of your current career. Maybe it’s because you have a passion and want to share it. Or maybe it’s because you see the writing on the wall and feel like you need to get moving on something…like right now.

Or maybe you already have a business online. And it’s not as big as you’d like. Maybe the growth has stopped. Or maybe it never started.

In any event, you turn somewhere or to someone to learn techniques to start or grow your business. Video courses, webinars, mastermind groups…maybe some miracle software. It’s not that those things are bad, it’s just that you usually end up stuck because you “get what you get”. There’s no additional help. If you’re not sure which direction to go, what to do when stuff doesn’t work or run into technical challenges…well too, bad.

I know because I take online training all the time. And while online training is fantastic (shoot, my business provides online training), it still leaves a road full of potholes. Potholes that stop you dead in your tracks because you get no PERSONAL help when you need it. So I decided to fix this by giving you personal coaching to go along with online training. I’m calling it the Mentor Academy.

Here's What You Get In

The Mentor Academy

One-On-One, Personal Coaching with Me (The Mentorship)

This solves the biggest problem on why you fail with online training. You get stuck, you need help and you've got nowhere to turn. Sure, maybe you can post a question in a "mastermind forum", only to get responses from 10 other people, just as lost as you are. Or maybe you've got a coach you can turn to, but you have to wait weeks until you have a session scheduled with them (or worse yet, a group session)...and you're stuck until then.

But now imagine this. You get stuck. You need help. Boom...you get that help quickly...straight from me. And you don't need to schedule it a month in advance either. Or dig through a bunch of online lessons trying to find the answer yourself. Just contact me and we'll get on Skype, the phone or an online meeting room...and we'll get the problem taken care of. Sounds good, right?

It doesn't matter what you need, I am available to you. Maybe it's just 5 minutes to bounce something off me, maybe you're stuck trying to get something on your web site to work or maybe you want to spend an hour planning out a stategy. Like I said, it doesn't matter what you need, I'm your go-to guy.

This personal mentorship is invaluable - and you get up to 2 hours each month (that's $400 worth of personal mentoring, each month). For example, have you ever had a problem that needed fixed? And you were told you'd have to wait days or weeks until someone could look at it? But then you find someone who can fix it almost immediately. It's wonderful when that happens, isn't it? And that's the experience I'm trying to provide you in the Mentor Academy...a level of personal service no one provides these days. No one.

All-Access Pass To Every Course I've Ever Made and Every Course I Make In The Future (Over $5,600 In Courses)

I've produced a lot of online training courses. Like, a lot, a lot. And you get full-access to all of them. Currently, that's over 30 courses worth over $5,600.

Plus, you'll get full-access to every NEW course I produce too. I'm pretty prolific. I published 6 new training courses last year alone (in fact, one of those course was about how to be prolific). But you'll never need to purchase a new training course as a member of the Mentor Academy, as you'll automatically get access to everything I make going forward.

It's pretty simple. Every course I've made, you get. Every course I make in the future, you get. It's all included in the Mentor Academy.

Members-Only Training Videos

Sometimes there are things you need to learn that don't require a full training course. For example, maybe a new technology or techique is working really well (or an older one has stopped working). Or there's something I've discovered that you can profit from right away.

That's exactly what these members-only training videos are desiged to do...get the most current information to you fast. For you, that means you're always going to know what's working best online RIGHT NOW. And that's so important because everything is moving so fast these days. But with the members-only training videos, you'll never be left saying "I wish I had known about that earlier". You get the most up-to-date training and techniques, all the time.

The Opportunity To Partner With Me In a Business

What does this mean? Well, maybe you have an idea for a business (or have a business) but would like someone else to run the tech or marketing stuff. Or have someone produce online training courses for your business, while you do the tech and marketing stuff. Or maybe you think one of my products could be tweaked to fit a market you're an expert in.

Whatever the case may be, as part of the Mentor Academy, you can pitch me your thoughts on how you and I could work together. I'm an entrepreneur, so I don't think any idea is stupid (if I did, some of my best selling products would never have been made). That just means you don't need to be scared about pitching something to me. In fact, I want you to and would love to work on a project we could profit from together.

In other words, it's an opportunity to merge your strongest assests with my strongest assets...and create something together.

How Much For All of This?

Membership in the Mentor Academy is $2,499 annually. 

No, it’s not cheap and it’s not for everyone…but it will pay for itself many times over with the value you receive:

2 Hours of Personal Mentoring Each Month, For 12 Months - $4,800 Value

$200 an hour. That's what I charge for one-on-one coaching sessions. But as part of the Mentor Academy, you get two of these sessions a month.

All-Access Pass To All Current and Future Courses - $5,600 Value+

Included in your membership to the Mentor Academy is access to every course I've made (30+ courses...it would cost you $5,600 to purchase all of them). But in addition to that, you'll get free access to every new course I produce while you're a member. Since I typically produce 6 new courses a year, that's another $1,000+ valule.

Member's Only Training Videos and Partnership Opportunity - $??? Value

I can't put a number of this one. Just one of the monthly members-only training videos might make or save your business thousands. And the opportunity to partner with me on a project of yours? That has the potential to be worth far more.

Over $10,400 Worth of Training and Mentoring For Just $897

All told, you're getting $5,600+ in courses, $4,800 in one-on-one coaching, monthly training videos on emerging topics, the ability to personally contact me with all of your questions and even the chance to have me as a partner in your projects. It's an honest value and it's a tremendous value. You get what you pay for.

Here's What To Do Next

Below you’ll find the red enrollment button. You can join for $2,499 for 12 continuous months.

After you join, you can access the member’s area. There, you’ll have immediate access to all of my courses, the instructions on contacting me for coaching and the members-only training videos.

Join The Mentor Academy Here

  • I understand the price I will be paying today for enrollment in the Mentor Academy is $2,499 for 12 continuous months.
  • I understand this is an annual recurring fee and there are no refunds, however I can cancel before my next renewal date.
  • I understand I will receive an all-access pass to every course Dave has produced and every future course he makes.
  • I understand I will receive access to a members-only training video every month.
  • I understand I will receive up to 2 hours of personal coaching/mentorship from Dave each month...on anything I want. Very cool.
  • I understand that after making my payment, I can immediately access the member's area and get started.

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