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How To Accomplish More In The Next 30 Days Than Most People Do All Year

Does This Sound Like You?

You’re intelligent. You’re educated. You’re a professional. And you’re damn good at what you do.

But you can’t seem to get anything done or make any progress with starting or growing an online business.

Maybe it’s because you can’t figure out where to start, what to do after that, maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed or that you don’t have time. Whatever it is, you end up being totally frustrated with yourself and the process.

And it continues on and on. A day becomes a week, a week becomes a month, a month becomes a year and you still haven’t made any progress with your online business. Or maybe you still haven’t even taken the first step.

Relax. There’s nothing wrong with you.

This is the #1 problem I see every day, over and over, with people just like you. And I’ve been seeing it every day, over and over, for years. 

The good news that I know how to fix it for you.

Wow...You Are So Fast

Now let’s take a peek inside my life.

“Wow, you are so fast” is what I’ve been told more times than I can even remember. And it’s always said in response to how fast I complete a project, a task, a video, a course, a funnel, a website, a sales page, a landing page or anything else.

Now behind the scenes, people are always surprised to learn that I actually have a million other things going on toolike publishing around 6 giant courses a year, marketing all my courses, doing live training sessions for public and private groups, producing videos for clients, building websites for clients, managing websites for clients, doing business consulting for clients, doing daily, one-on-one coaching calls with clients and dealing with all the other stuff that goes into running online businesses…plus having a personal life. 

And oh…I do all of this myself. No virtual assistants, no freelancers, just me.

How is this even possible?

Well, it’s not because I read a self-help book. It’s not because I listened to a life-changing podcast. It’s not because I discovered an amazing time-management app. And it’s not because I’m blessed with special gifts or abilities.

Rather, it’s because I tap into…

The Same Techniques Used By Military Special Forces To Accomplish Things That Other's Can't

“We do more before 9am than most people do all day”.

That used to be slogan used in recruiting pitches for the United States military. Maybe you remember hearing it.

And I can tell you, it is dead-on-balls-accurate…I lived it while in the United States Marine Corps.

The military, particularly special forces, have developed brilliant systems, frameworks and techniques for accomplishing things that seem impossible. And getting those things done fast. And doing it over and over. All while chaos is going on.

What I’ve done is taken these techniques and tweaked, modified and enhanced them into a framework for the online business world (particularly for people who work alone or with small teams).

The end product is rapid results with minimal bull****.

With this framework, you never have to wonder where to start, what to do next, what to do if the wheels start coming off, how to accomplish major tasks quickly, how to find time for things or how to do it all without burning out.

It’s a system. A framework. A proven blueprint for accomplishing more sh** than you ever thought possible, faster than you ever thought possible. It can be learned by anyone. And it can be used by anyone, for any type of online business. 

Here's How You Can Use This Same Framework To Accomplish Things Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Rapid Results Framework

I call it the Rapid Results Framework.

And the name couldn’t be any more direct. Use the framework and you will achieve rapid results. Period.

That means getting things done in days, rather than the weeks, months or years it’s taking you now. Which means you’ll be making money instead of losing it. Nice.

It’s not based on theory, opinion, philosophy or concepts. It’s based on clear thinking and action.

Where do I begin? Boom, do this. How do I fix this problem? Boom, do this. How can I do this faster? Boom, do this. How am I going to have time for this? Boom, do this. Help, I’m stuck…boom do this.

Think of it like this. Just like pilots have a checklist to ensure successful takeoffs and landings, you’re going to have a checklist that ensures you’ll successfully accomplish your business goals faster than you ever imagined. Yep, it’s really that simple.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Rapid Results Framework

The Rapid Results Framework is taught in short, quick, straight-to-the-point video lessons. No matter what online business you’re in, you can apply the framework. No matter your age, skills or experience, you can apply the framework. 

All of the lessons are laid out in order. All you have to do is watch them from any device you want and put what you’re being taught into action. Now here’s a closer look at what I’ll be sharing:

♦ THE FRAMEWORK for always knowing what to do and when to do it.

This is the biggest problem I see again and again…people being paralyzed by indecision or wasting time on things that don’t matter.

I need a website, where do I even start? I need to run ads, what should I do first? I want to sell a course, what’s my next step? I want to grow my email list, how should I go about it? I’m going to do a podcast, where do I turn? I need to start doing SEO, what’s the best route? I want to sell physical products, where do I begin?

And on and on it goes. You get paralyzed by indecision and do nothing. Or you start to do something and then stop…forever.

I’m going to teach you the same framework used by military special forces to make sure this never again happens to you. It’s dead simple. It works every time. And you can use it for everything.

With it, you’re always going to know exactly what to do and when to do it. ALWAYS. Indecision and inaction will evaporate.

The Bottom Line: This single framework, without being dramatic or full of hype, can change your life and your business. Yea, it’s that powerful and is the #1 reason behind my insanely high level of productivity.

♦ THE FRAMEWORK for accomplishing things fast.

This is the second biggest problem I see again and again…you know what to do but you still don’t do it.

I don’t have time. I got sick. I had this other huge project dumped on me. I decided to change what I’m going to sell. I let myself become totally distracted by this other thing. And on and on it goes.

Once again, I’m going to make sure these things never happen to you again, by teaching you the specific framework for not only taking action, but for taking sustainable action. That means where you rapidly achieve results, and in a way that is endlessly repeatable.

This isn’t about motivation or willpower. Rather, you’ll be learning specific techniques for producing rapid, measurable results without having to work harder or longer.

In other words, what used to take you months will now take you just a day or two.

The Bottom Line: You’re going to learn how to do everything faster, better and easier. And you’ll be shocked at how much time and energy you used to waste before learning this framework.

♦ THE FRAMEWORK for not getting burned out.

This is the problem that always leaks it’s way into the two frameworks above…and makes you quit (or want to).

You’re worn out. You’re tired of working on your business. You’re tired of dealing with customers or clients. Your ads failed. You didn’t make millions overnight like you dreamed about. You’re sick of the way things keep changing on the Internet. You’re distracted by “shiny pennies” that promise so much, for so little effort.

So let me fix that for you with this final framework, where you’ll learn how to accomplish more in the next 30 days than you have in the past year…all without getting burned out or worn out. And still having a healthy life outside of work.

How is that even possible?

Easy. In this framework, you’ll be learning how to identify what matters and what doesn’t (people always get these two backwards) and then how to quit wasting time on the bull**** that doesn’t matter and make sure that 100% of your time is laser-focused on the things that do.

For example, despite my super-high level of work productivity, I never start working until after 1pm (mornings are always reserved for me doing whatever I want). This is the freedom you gain when you stop waisting time on sh** that doesn’t matter.

The Bottom Line: You’ll learn how to use the same framework I do, where you can accomplish more in 30 days than most people do all year, all while still having huge amounts of time for yourself and without getting stressed out or burned out.

Here's What You'll Be Able To Do After Learning The Rapid Results Framework

What I’m not going to do is teach you the frameworks above and then say “okay, figure out how they apply to your business”.


Along with teaching you each of the frameworks, I’m going to go into detail on how to apply them to the most common types of businesses and businesses challenges you deal with online.

Need to build a website? I’m going to walk you through exactly how to use the Rapid Results Framework to get it build fast and without headaches.

Need to build an email list? You’ll see how to use the framework start having emails added to your list before most people can even decide what email list provider to use.

Want to sell a course? This is where 95% of people start drowning and give up before even making one lesson. I’ll show you how to use the Rapid Results Framework, step by step, to have your course ready to sell as fast as possible. 

Need to run Facebook, Google or YouTube ads? Odds are it’s going to take you months to get them actually running, if ever. I’ll show you how to apply the Rapid Results Framework to have them running in a day or two.

I think you get the idea.

The Rapid Results Framework isn’t about theory or concepts. It’s about action.

And I’m going to show you how to apply those actions in specific online business scenarios, so you can accomplish rapid results.

You get the framework AND you get to see exactly how to apply it to online businesses scenarios. Because of this, your learning curve is going to be slashed. That means your rapid results are going to become rapid results on steroids.

No Willpower, Motivation Porn, Woo-Woo Stuff or Bulls***

Here’s a fun fact. About 45,000 new self-help books are published each year, all promising to solve whatever problems someone might face. Yet people are just as screwed-up as they’ve always been. Probably worse.

Look, if you enjoy any or all of those things, great…enjoy them.


You can read all of the books you want. Listen to all of the podcasts you want. Watch all of the TED Talks you want. Buy all of the miracle apps or courses you want. Listen to all of the motivational gurus you want. Attend all of the seminars you want. Or hug your abundance crystal all you want.

But none of those things are going to accomplish your online business goals for you. If they did, you would have already accomplished them. In fact, they just slow your progress, cause delayed-stress and become yet another thing you have to do in your day…taking time away from the actions that will actually let you accomplish things.

I mean, it’s not like Green Berets, SEALs and Marine Recon units are listening to podcasts or reading motivational books to accomplish their missions. They are relying on proven frameworks that they repeat again and again.

In the Rapid Results Framework I’m giving you a friendly, easy to follow version of those frameworks enhanced for online business owners. It’s designed to have you accomplishing the things you never thought you would and faster than you ever thought you could.

So if this is for you, continue reading below.

How Much?

The Rapid Results Framework is $297.

The gives you instant, unlimited, lifetime access. You can view the training whenever you want, from whatever device you want, forever.

There are no hoops to jump through, no fine print, no upsells, no recurring billing and no other bull****. This deal is exactly what I say it is. You can get the instant, unlimited, lifetime access for just $297.

So to take advantage of this opportunity, sign-up below now and start getting shit done.

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The Rapid Results Framework is normally $297. But during my Labor Day Sale, you can get it for just $119 (an instant 60% discount).

The gives you instant, unlimited, lifetime access. You can view the training whenever you want, from whatever device you want, forever.

There are no hoops to jump through, no fine print, no upsells, no recurring billing and no other bull****. This deal is exactly what I say it is. You can get the instant, unlimited, lifetime access for just $119.

So to take advantage of this opportunity, sign-up below now and start getting shit done.

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