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24 years. That’s a long time to be earning a full-time living on the Internet. But that’s been my life for the past two decades, plus change. And I’ve learned quite a few things along the way. Like a lot, a lot of things.

It’s why 7 & 8 figure gurus contact me at 11pm on a Saturday night (and sometimes 6am on a Sunday morning), in a panic. “Sorry, but you’re the only one who can solve this” they’ll say. They need help fast and they know I have the answers.

It’s why my private coaching clients are usually stunned when I help them solve their problems in 5 minutes, after they had spent weeks (and usually a lot of money) having no luck trying to figure something out themselves.

I know a lot of stuff. A few years ago, I put together a giant collection of my unique know-how and called it “Steal My Secrets” and "Steal My Secrets 2.0". They've been some of my most popular courses ever.

And now I’m back with Steal My Secrets 3.0, where I’m sharing an entirely new batch of my private tips, tricks and tactics. And here’s your opportunity to get your hands on it.

It's Like a Roledex of Answers To

Your Online Business Problems

In fact, any one of the secrets I share could save you weeks of wasted time, bring you thousands of visitors or thousands more in sales. And I’m giving you a virtual treasure chest full of these secrets.

Here’s a quick peek at just a few of them:

Plus the Side Hustle I Used To Generate

$25,525 In Less Than 30 Days

Digital courses are big these days – and there’s a very easy way to profit from them – without ever creating or selling a digital course! You read that right. You don’t need to create a course, sell a course or even know how to do anything related to digital courses…to still profit from them.

How exactly do you do this? I share exactly what this profitable “side hustle” is inside Steal My Secrets 3.0. Along with more tips and tactics like:

I'll Give You the No B.S. Lowdown

On All The Tech Stuff Too

Plus You Get a Warp Speed Mini-Class On The

Most Lucrative and Surefire

Business To Get Into In 2020

Right now there is a opportunity for you. One that solves a problem for virtually ever business, online and offline. A problem that business owners have no idea how to solve themselves.

You can start this opportunity as a part-time side hustle and make $1,000 every month. And when you’re ready to scale, you can quickly take it to $30,000 a month or more (that’s not an exaggeration). And oh by the way, this income is recurring, month after month.

You can do this while being location independent. That means you can do it from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere or New York City.

And you don’t need any special skills or talents whatsoever. Plus, you can run this entire business, full-time, in just a few hours a day.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s something I’m doing myself, as it’s just too damn easy. And I’ll tell you all about it inside Steal My Secrets 3.0.

Plus The ONLY

Web Hosting Company I Recommend

(you'll be glad I told you about them)

I'm Not Done Yet, There's Still Way More

Steal My Secrets 3

Watch Any Time, On Any Device

Unlimited Lifetime Access

Tap into Steal My Secrets 3.0 whenever you want, from wherever you want and from any device that you want.

You’ll get unlimited, lifetime access to Steal My Secrets 3.0. Have a problem you can’t figure out? Just open the training, watch a video and problem solved.

It’s like having a personal coach (me) with you any time you need it, 24/7. If there’s an issue you run into online…whether it be tech, marketing, traffic, SEO, email or more…chances are I ran into the same problem long ago and already have a solution waiting for you inside Steal My Secrets 3.0.

But I’m still not done yet. I also share with you…

The 3 Major Changes

Happening With Digital Products

If you sell digital courses or are thinking about it, you need to know about 3 major changes that are happening in the market.

These changes directly effect how you market your stuff, how you price your stuff and what you include in your courses.There will be a lot of course creators dying off in the coming year, because the model that always worked for them will no longer work.

The good news is I’m going to share with you exactly what these 3 major changes are and exactly what to do to make sure your digital course sales don’t fall off, but instead, become even more lucrative. Plus…

Plus the Best Peforming

Sales Funnel To Use In 2020

Sales funnels have long been this confusing and complicated process of piecing together the path someone will take from when they first hear about you, to when they buy from you.

Look, I’ve been doing business online for 24 years…I’m the tech and marketing guy…and they still give me headaches.

But there’s a shift happening with sales funnels. What always worked in the past has begun dying. And a new breed of sales funnel is absolutely killing it. But hardly anyone (actually closer to no one) is talking about it or teaching it.

No worries for you though, as I’ll be sharing exactly what this new sales funnel formula is inside Steal My Secrets 3.0. Along with more tips and tactics like:

Whew...That's a Lot of Stuff

And That's Not Even All of It

There are still more tricks and techniques that aren’t listed on this page. But I think you get the point (there’s a lot of secrets inside Steal My Secrets 3.0 – like a lot, a lot).

This training isn’t about a single topic. It’s not a course that covers just one thing. It’s training that covers many things…and in some ways, everything.

And it’s all broken down into bite-sized lessons where you can quickly get answers to problems and go you on your way. You don’t have to spend hours hacking around the Internet for answers…instead you can get them in minutes.

From hardware, software, video, WordPress, SEO, marketing, list building, business building and beyond, Steal My Secrets 3.0 contains dozens and dozens of little nuggets that will help you work faster, get more traffic and make more sales.

It will be your go-to resource. Your one-stop shop. Your cheat-sheet of answers. Your Wikipedia of doing business online.

How Much? Just $199

You get unlimited, lifetime access for just $199. You can watch the training as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want…forever. There are no recurring fees. You pay once and get lifetime access.

There are no upsells…no “but wait, you also need this” bullsh**…or any other gimmicks with this offer.

It’s a small investment that will pay for itself many times over. Any one of these secrets can save you thousands in time, expenses or headaches…or help make you thousands more in sales.

Sound fair to you? Then be sure to sign-up below now for instant access to my secrets.

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