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The Strange But True Story of Two Websites

Not long ago, there were two websites.

They were in different markets, but both had the same design and looked nearly identical.  Both had sales copy written by the same writer.  They used identical technology.  They both sold digital products for the exact same price.  And both websites received the same amount of traffic.

After 30 days, the first website had generated $149 in sales.

And after 30 days, the second website had generated $50,362 in sales.

Why did one website outsell the other by a margin of 338 to 1?  It was the idea behind the product being sold.  One website had a really good product idea.  And the other one, not so much.

I know because I’m the guy who built and owned those websites…those were my products being sold…and they were my good (and not so good) ideas. 

the takeaway lesson for you:

The Biggest Reason For Your Success or Failure Online

Is Your Product Idea

What camera should you use? Should you use a landing page from LeadPages? Should you use a shopping cart like SamCart?  What web hosting company should you use?  What style of sales video should you use? And the list of things you agonize over goes on and on.

Get this straight right now – those things do NOT matter.  They are arbitrary.  You can swap out one camera for another, one landing page service for another and one web host for another…and it will have no impact on your success or failure.

But your product or business idea will have a critical impact…it will be the difference between failure or success.

If your idea is good, you can have the crappiest looking website, on the slowest running web host and with the worst marketing ever…and your product will still sell.  

But if you’re idea is bad, you can throw all the money in the world at it and it won’t make one bit of difference.

which leads to the million dollar question:

How Do You Come Up With

Good Ideas For Products That Will Sell?

Let’s start with what you DON’T DO.  Ask your significant other, your neighbor, your friends or the guy cleaning tables at the coffee shop if your hot, new idea is a good one.  Unless they’ve sold a crap-ton of products online, their opinions are worthless.

Guessing won’t do you any good either.  While that idea in your head may seem like a surefire winner while you’re laying in bed at midnight, the Internet has other plans for it.  It’s already seen your idea 10,000 times and won’t be impressed.

There’s a science to producing good product ideas…a science that is both technical and mental.

On the technical side, you have to do a very particular form of research.  Not just checking if other people already have the same idea or if the domain you want is available, but a specific formula that will tell you if people will stop in their tracks to look at your idea, if they’ll open up their wallet to pay you for that idea, and how much profit that little idea in your head could actually generate.  No guessing, no dreamy projections, but a unique, systematic formula that gives you actionable hard numbers.

On the mental side, you have to do something I call IDEA CIRCUMVENTION.  There’s nothing original on the Internet anymore.  It’s all been done and plenty of people have already had your idea.  So you circumvent this by recasting the intent of your idea into another form…where to your prospects, you have something they’ve never seen and that no one else offers.  Idea circumvention is deep, spooky stuff.  But it’s one of the most powerful skills you can possess.  

When you combine the technical and mental processes, your problems suddenly change. No longer do you struggle trying to come up with good ideas for products that will sell…but your biggest problem becomes determining which of your ideas will generate you the most profit, for the least amount of effort and in the shortest amount of time.  It’s a good “problem” to have.

SO here's a question for you:

How Successful Have You Been

With Your Product Ideas?

If you’re like most people, you fall into one of two categories.

THE HOPELESS – It seems that you can’t come up with an idea for anything.  Or all of your best ideas are already dominated by other businesses. Or you’ve actually tried out an idea or two and the results were disastrous.  Or all of your ideas will take way too much time or money to try out.  Whatever the case, you’re dead in the water.  You have no clue what to do next.  You feel…hopeless.

THE DELUSIONAL – You rolled out a complete launch for your product idea and it bombed, big-time.  But it wasn’t your fault.  You should have gotten advice from a different marketing guru.  You should have used a different funnel.  You should have used a different landing page.  You should have run a different Facebook ad.  You should have used a different offer for your product. Whatever the excuse, here’s the bottom line: your product idea sucked.  End of story.  And by not accepting that fact, you have become…delusional.

Whichever category you fall into, I can guarantee you two things:

If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting the same, non-existent results.

Switch the technology and platforms you use all you want. Attend as many marketing events as you want. Change your ads as much as you want. None of it will make a difference, as you're not changing the root cause (bad product ideas).

You can LEARN how to come up with good ideas for products that will sell.

It won't happen overnight (just like you can't lose 20 pounds overnight), but it's a skill that you can improve upon rapidly. You don't have to be gifted or creative either, you just have to be willing to learn and have some patience.

For the first one, if you want to keep playing with dead snakes and stubbornly hold-on to what you’ve always done, I can’t help you.

But for the second one, I can tell you what you need to know and exactly what to do, to go from struggling to come up with a single, profitable product idea…to having more good ideas than you can get to in a year. 

And I’ll do it by sharing with you exactly what I do, the system I’ve developed over the past 20 years for coming up with one successful product idea after another (and another, and another, and another).

The Idea Course


The Idea Course

A simple name for a complex topic.  And in this course, I’m going to show you the exact process I go through for coming up with product ideas…for any market…and then quickly vetting them to know which ones will be the biggest profit makers.

This course is both technical and artistic…as you need to use both to generate good product ideas.  For the technical side, I’ll show you the specific formulas and processes I go through to generate ideas, how to use data to determine if ideas are good or bad and finally, what the profit potential for an idea is.  And for the artistic side, I’ll show you how execute idea circumvention, which allows you to take an idea that is “bad” or has been done 1,000 times before, and turn it into a profitable idea that no one has seen before. 

20 Years Worth of

Profitable Idea KNOW-HOW

At Your Fingertips

What I’ll be sharing inside The Idea Course is based on my 20 years of experience in creating hundreds of profitable products. Products that did not exist in any marketplace until the ideas came out of my brain.  It’s a powerful skill-set to have, because it puts you in complete control of your life…both present and future.

For example, by developing the skill-set to come up with profitable product ideas, I was able to quit working for someone else over two decades ago…no longer having to deal with office politics and drama.  It has shielded me from taking on work I don’t want to do (no pain-in-the-ass clients because I need the money).  And when unexpected bills come up…a surgery, a new roof, a dead furnace…I will literally turn an idea into a product that pays for it all.  My friends even joke about my habit of doing this, because they’ve seen it so many times.

Here’s a fact – you CANNOT outsource product ideas. You can hire people for everything else; website design, sales copy, videos, funnels, emails and advertising. And there’s no shortage of software to automate your business.  But there is nothing that will create profitable ideas for you.  It’s a skill you must learn yourself.  And it’s a skill that is learn-able by anyone.  Just like anyone can get in better shape by working out, anyone can develop profitable ideas by working out their idea muscles.   

And that’s basically what my course is – a home gym for building your idea muscles (which right now are soft and flabby).  And I’m your personal trainer.  I’ll walk you through exactly what I do.  Why I do it.  And how I do it. Let me be clear, you won’t start pumping out killer ideas overnight.  It doesn’t work that way – remember, I’ve developed this skill-set over a period of 20 years.  But what The Idea Course will give you is the ability to rapidly build your “idea muscles”, which for you means going from hopeless or delusional with ideas…to generating profitable ideas in the shortest amount of time possible.

But Will This Work For

For My Market or Business?

The short answer is yes – product ideas are neutral. Digital, physical, business to business, business to consumer, fitness markets, financial markets, you name it…all products start with the same thing; ideas.

And that’s what this course is about – generating profitable product ideas. It’s NOT about how to build those products or market them.  It’s about how to pull ideas out of your head, research those ideas to see if they hold water and then determine how much money the good ideas may hold…BEFORE you ever create an actual product for that idea. 

To be clear, this course is about coming up with ideas for products that will sell on the Internet.  If you’re wanting to come up with ideas for products to sell in retail stores, much of the technical portion of the training (research and vetting) won’t be for you.

If a product doesn’t sell…regardless of the market, format or type of business…it’s an idea problem.  And I’ll help you fix that.  Getting a product to fit within a business or make a customer think they can’t live without it is a marketing problem…and that is not covered in this course.  This course is all about generating profitable product ideas.  Product ideas are neutral.  And you’ll be able to use the ideas you hatch in any line of business.

Stop Guessing, Hoping or Praying

Gain The One Skill That Gives You Control

Here’s a fun fact. All of those other Internet Marketing gurus you follow…they are idea people.  All they do is come up with profitable ideas.  And then they pay other people to execute those ideas.  That means build their websites, create their marketing, run their ads and do their customer service.  There are plenty of courses being sold for $1,000+, where the only things the guru has done is come up with the idea and provide their voice within the product.  Everything else is done by their minions.  It’s good to be the idea person.

The funny thing is, everyone wants to be like the gurus. Oh, I want my site to look like hers.  I want my videos to look like his.  And so you scramble around trying to look like and mimick them.  And what you need to be doing is thinking like them, which means being an idea person

It’s the skill that gives you control. Once you know how to consistently develop good, profitable product ideas, this whole Internet business thing becomes way, way easier.  But a word of caution.  One good idea isn’t going to cut it.  Plenty of people have gotten lucky…once.  But as business and the Internet evolve, they need more good ideas to stay around.  They can’t generate them because they have no idea skills.  And their business disappears.

By developing your idea muscles, you not only get to enjoy the spoils of your good ideas now, but you are bullet-proofing yourself for the future.  Being able to come up with profitable idea is the one skill (and the only skill) that never changes.  That never has to be re-learned.  Everything else on the Internet…web pages, advertising, video…it all has be be re-learned over and over again…usually every couple years.  But when it comes to generating profitable ideas, you only have to learn how to do it once and then practice is consistently.  Do that and you’ll always be golden.  Isn’t if funny how the most important skill is the one most ignored…and also the skill that only has to be learned once? If you wonder why so many people fail online, there’s your answer. 

Do You Want To Become The Idea Person

Or Would You Rather Keep Paying People For Their Ideas?

The first idea I ever turned into a product happened in 1995. It was a cassette-tape package teaching senior citizens how to use computers.  Clearly, given the idea and format, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And it was a total flop.  It stung, but I learned.  Several months later I hatched my next idea turned product…a book covering a much more salacious topic.  It did over $700,000 in sales before I eventually sold the rights to it. And I’ve never looked back.

The point is I’ve been doing this for a long time. Lots of products.  Lots of different markets.  And a whole lot of product ideas that sprung from the brain inside my now hairless head. There’s much you can learn from me and I’m providing you the opportunity to do just that.  I’m sharing all of my product idea know-how and experience in this course.

It’s good to be an idea person. When the non-idea-person loses their job or a client, they go into full panic and stress mode.  But when you’re an idea person, if an idea turns sour, there’s always another idea coming right behind it.  Always.  It’s the best “job security” you could ever hope for.  

Plus, you can stop chasing shiny pennies and focus on what matters. That’s because you’ll know that the money is always in the idea…not in someone else’s miracle-marketing-breakthrough. Which means you can stop spending your money and time learning the next, big Internet marketing breakthrough/product/system.  And the next one after that.  And the next one after that (oh by the way, those products are all someone else’s ideas that you’re paying for…get it?).

So if you’re ready to become an idea person, I’m ready to spill the beans and share with you everything I know for coming up with more good, profitable product ideas than you can ever get to.  To show you how to build your idea muscle.  And to give you the one skill-set that can change…and I’m not trying to be full of hype here…but your life.  It has for me.  To start experiencing this yourself…just sign-up below.


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