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If Every Baseball Team Had The Same Players...

Who Would Win The Games?

Great question.  A lot of the games would probably end in a tie. No team would be better than another.  They would be equal and the playing field would be completely even.

But when teams have different players, the playing field is not even. The teams with the most skilled players win far more often.  And the most skilled players in the game make far more money than the average players.

The same thing is now happening with video. Everyone has access to identical video equipment and everyone…basically…doesn’t know how to use any of it.  Which makes the playing field completely even.  There’s lots of tech and little knowledge.  And most people are left scratching their heads as to why their videos don’t produce the results they had dreamed of. 

But some people always seem to rise to the top with their videos. Even though they are using the same equipment as everyone else, they get far more views,  far more engagement and make far more sales than everyone else.

The difference is that these people are the most skilled It doesn’t matter what they’re using to make their videos, because they have the skills to move people regardless of the equipment.  Or to put it another way, it’s the archer, not the arrow.  Get the skills and you’re golden.  Don’t get them and you’ll just flounder like everyone else.

Here’s your chance to learn these video skills.  To separate yourself from everyone else.  To quickly become the person in your market who gets all the views, engagement and sales.  To become the person everyone looks up to and mutters “how do they do that, what are they using and I wish my videos were like his (or hers)”.


The Video Playbook Course

The Video Playbook Course

In one sentence, this is the course that will teach you how make videos that look like you paid me to make them for you.  You get to steal my mojo.  You get to learn my tricks. You get to duplicate my formulas and techniques.  And you get to do it all without ever having to read a user’s manual. 

I skip the science lessons and just SHOW you what to do.  No confusing lectures about tech settings that are way over your head.  No impossible setups that require a professional video studio.  And no confusing geek-speak that makes you too intimidated to even make a video. 

I SHOW you how to easily create pro-quality videos just like me, whether you’re making them in your bedroom, your kitchen or your basement. For you that means you’ll learn how to shoot profitable video regardless of your environment or your equipment…I’ll show you how to make profitable videos in your basement, just like me (yes, I make videos in my basement).  It’s the techniques that matter…nothing else.  And I’ll share with you the exact techniques to use, no guesswork or special skills required.  

It doesn’t matter if you shoot on-camera video or create screen recordings.  The techniques I’ll be sharing work for both.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a Windows or Mac user.  The techniques I’ll be sharing work for both.  And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a video in your life…experience isn’t required, just the desire to learn.

My style of video making is clean, professional and concise.  It’s not about dazzling people with special effects or trying to make yourself look cool.  Video is not about YOU, it’s about the VIEWER.  It’s about getting people to watch your videos, developing trust and then having viewers eagerly move to the next step in your sales process.  

If you’re looking to go all Hollywood, I’m not your guy.  But if you want to make professionally styled videos that deliver results for your business, I’ll show you step by step how to do it.

Get More Video Views,

More Engagement and More Sales

That’s the game with online video…and nothing else. You’ve have to get eyeballs on your videos, those eyeballs have to stick to your videos and then the viewer has to eagerly take the next step (whether that be giving up their email address, registering for an event or buying your product).

If you’re not making your videos with those 3 factors in mind…views, engagement, sales…then your videos are just one more thing you’re doing that don’t bring you any results.

I’ll show you precisely how to craft your videos so each of these 3 things happen almost naturally.  Where the viewer doesn’t even realize that they are unconsciously being guided through these steps.  It’s always exciting for me to see the reaction of my clients once they compare the numbers from videos done their “old way” to the numbers from videos being done “my way”.  The improvement is always both dramatic and significant.  And you’ll be excited too, when you see the same big jump in numbers with your own videos.

Get this straight – you’re problem isn’t that you don’t have the right equipment or that you lack talent or experience with video.  You’re problem is that no one has ever taught you the proper skill set for creating videos that are designed to garner views, keep engagement and deliver interested prospects to your sales funnel.

I’ll teach you exactly how to do this.  It’s all step by step.  Your videos will look and perform like…you paid me thousands of dollars to make them for you.  But you didn’t pay me, you made them yourself…and you can keep right on profiting with every new video you make.  It’s a skill that will pay for itself over and over and over again.

Don't Copy, Steal

This is another huge mistake people make with their videos. They try to duplicate what someone else is doing.  This practice, at worst, ends up a disaster and at best, doesn’t produce any meaningful results.

Steve Jobs said it best when describing his approach at Apple“good designer’s copy, great designer’s steal”.  What that means, specifically for video, is that you don’t want to outright copy what someone is doing…instead you want to steal little pieces of what they are doing and apply it to your own creation.

And this is exactly the process I’ll be sharing with you in The Video Playbook.  I’m not going to say “here are 5 video templates, just plug your own stuff in”.  Your results will be crap.  Instead, I’ll be sharing with you a treasure chest of hacks, techniques and formulas.  And then I’ll show you how to use those tricks…a-la-cart…for creating your own videos.

To put it another way, I’ll be giving you a huge list of ingredients…and then showing you how to use any of those ingredients, in any combination, to bake the perfect cake.  Except it won’t be cake, it will be video.  And they will be your videos…videos that will be generating money for your business…automatically.

And remember, The Video Playbook will work for any format of video.  That means whether you prefer to shoot videos on camera or if creating screen recordings is your thing (or a combination of both), I’ve got you covered in the training.  I’ve made over 5,000 videos in both formats…and I’ll show you how to make profitable videos…my way…in both formats.

Plus I'm Including Exclusive Bonus Training:

Mevo For Business

Mevo Bonus Training

The Mevo is a tiny camera that came out around a year or so ago. And it’s purpose is to make professional quality, live streaming video far cheaper and simpler.  The tagline for the Mevo is that it’s an entire TV studio that fits in your pocket.  And that’s an accurate description.  But it’s not just for live streaming video…you can use it record video directly to a memory card too (like a normal camera).

With the Mevo, whether your live streaming to Facebook or YouTube…or just recording a video normally…you can achieve things that would normally take multiple cameras to pull-off.  For example, if you’re shooting something where two or more people are in the video, you can switch between close-ups of each person or wide shots where both people are on camera.  And you can do this in real-time while you’re shooting…with just a single Mevo camera…and with just a few taps on your smartphone.

If you create any type of videos where you’re shooting events…or you’re just shooting yourself but would like it to appear as if you have multiple cameras…the Mevo can make your life a lot easier, while saving you a ton of money and headaches.  In a nutshell, it replaces thousands of dollars of software and equipment…and no one will be able to tell the difference.

In my Mevo For Business training, I will walk you through everything you need to know…in the real-world…for using the Mevo in your business.  It’s as simple as that.  I will show you everything need to know, do and look out for when using the Mevo.  While it’s a terrific camera, it also comes with some confusion, right out of the box.  I’ll eliminate that confusion for you, so you can be off and running in minutes…instead of going through days of trial, error, confusion and frustration. 

* Please note, just so there’s no confusion, Mevo For Business is a training course on how to use the Mevo camera.  I’m not giving you the camera.  You will have to purchase a Mevo camera separately.

How Much?

Just $199 For Everything

Yes, you get BOTH The Video Playbook course and Mevo for Business for just $199.

Watch anytime, anywhere, as much as you want and from any device that you want.

No annoying upsells or hoops to jump through…you place your order and you get instant access. Just as it should be.

It’s a small investment that will pay for itself many times over. Your videos will get more views, more engagement and ultimately, drive more sales. You don’t need to pull your hair out trying to make your videos look polished and professional. I’ll show you exactly how I make my own videos, step by step, so you can make your own videos look like you paid me to make them for you

Sound fair to you? Then be sure to sign-up below right now…and start creating videos that sell.

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